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Another, More Beautiful America is Rising. Trump will be Resisted


Another, More Beautiful America is Rising. Trump will be Resisted

Rebecca Solnit

The time when you don’t need hope is when your hopes have been fulfilled. Hope is for when you don’t have what you need and for when things are not OK. It is the belief that liberation might be possible that motivates you to make it more possible, and pursuing hope even when it doesn’t lead to the ultimate goal can generate changes that matter along the way, including in yourself.


How would Ernest Bloch assess Obama's "hope and change" mantra ?

We certainly learned that "hope" plus two bucks (in 2009) bought a cup of coffee, rising closer to three bucks today, and that "change" is what you put in the barista's tip jar to assure that the next cup tastes as good as the last cup.


It strikes me a bit funny how so many well-to-do people have gotten so upset about Trump's (electoral) win. Certainly am not happy about it at all and I'm prepared to break any unjust laws regarding Muslims and Hispanics in my neighborhood (my area has a predominantly poorer immigrant demographic).

But what seems funny to me is the pearl clutching that comes primarily from the much more affluent middle class or higher, with their SUVs, their Starbucks, the gentrified neighborhoods --these "beautiful people" who are in tax brackets I can't even imagine. Contra Clinton and many Dems, no, "middle class" does not constitute a six digit income figure.

THEIR lives are suddenly being affected -- while for the rest below them, they hardly exist except as a statistic while perusing HuffPo or the NYT. I can tell you it isn't THEY who have been thrown into an ICE prison facility even while being in the US legally, it isn't THEY who have been victim to the highest incarceration rate in the world, it isn't THEY who have had to cope with "welfare reform." But now this ugly American gets in office and everything is different -- because, oh, NOWWWW this had a bigger impact on them.

This is why I have always had a hard time with affluent "liberals" (who I distinguish from leftists). It explains so much why they can turn a blind eye to injustices committed by their Democratic politicians. It doesn't take much to discover how conservative liberals actually are when it starts to interfere with their insular gentrified universe. These people need to get out more. People less fortunate than they have BEEN suffering -- they only start to notice when it starts affecting their very selective affluent, educated worldview which they take for granted.

It's hard to not have contempt for them.


This isn't Turkey. We have been a democracy for nearly 250 years and we have about 20 state governments with Democratic governors ready to resist destructive change. We have many large organizations such as the ACLU that have fought numerous battles to protect civil liberties. We also have a Senate that is almost nearly divided. We have a court system to make sure that the laws are not violated. We have a free press and probably the world's best newspaper, the New York Times. We know that almost three million more people voted to be stronger together than to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. It is incredibly difficult to change Washington. Maybe that isn't so bad after all. And the leaders of the Republican Party do not seem to be in any mood to simply follow Trump. They want to know more about how Russia interfered with the election while Trump is trying to say there is nothing there. The Republican Party is not going to turn on a dime an suddenly support a dictator in Russia. Trump will see how far he can go but there will be resistance from the Democrats, from the Republicans, and the people.


God, LRX, I do hope you are right. Only I'm stiil baffled over how DJT came out as the Republican nominee from such a crowded field and that Congressional opponents to his crassness were so easily silenced and brought to heel... My head's still reeling that this cretin achieved anymore than a fickle finger of fate award for making us grimace at him occasionally. We would have turned him back at the border of sanity in 2012. What has happened to the USA in the last 4 years?


Well said.


The catch: Obama, as a candidate, frequently stressed that change is only possible when the people agree on something, get to their feet, and demand it from Congress. As far as I can tell, we just don't agree on much.


We're well past the point where happy thoughts can accomplish anything. It would take a movement large enough, united enough, to push back. The unpleasant reality is that we're more deeply divided by class and race than we were a decade ago.


Yes, and guess which race the onus is on to heal those divisions of race?


Response to Bernie proved that we do.


they only notice when it has an R next to its name.

Obama was setting land-speed records for beating the daylights out of migrants. Outside of the center-left indy press, nothing but crickets.

Nothing changes in America. The home team can do no wrong; the visiting team can do no right.

And the game goes on.


America won't be "beautiful" until we have reduced our emissions, by ... what?... more than half?... way way more than half of what it is now...


Okay, so, we all want to accomplish climate doing something.. about climate change right?... now, considering what I am going to say next, remember one thing... I LOVE COFFEE MY SELF... SOO... . but let's keep in mind...that ...coffee, is grown far away from the U.S.... it doesn't grow here... so, it has to be SHIPPED here, by ship or by plane.... so, that produces co2... right?... a lot of it... then, the way the coffee is grown.. probably, depends on some co2 production ... right?.... so, when we go about our daily lives... what we have to keep in mind is this type of thing... every little thing we do and every little "luxury" ... produces a LOT of co2...
So, how do we go about .. making the kind of changes in our lives... that IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED.... if we are going to keep the planet and ourselves.. safe.. from the ravages of climate change... ????
We really need to RETHINK our life styles... people say they are changing the way they live... but WE ARE TWEAKING AROUND THE EDGES...
I still do drink coffee... BUT, we can look at a lot of other areas of life and change them.... OR ... maybe we could develop a strain of coffee that will grow here in the US... oh, yeah!!... a hybrid... NOT GMO... and distribute it to millions of house holds and people could grow their own?... and share with those who could not.... that is a very long term solution... I know.... but.. in the mean time... we could.. give it up..( aaahhhh!!!).... or we could try to figure out a way to ship it... and many other products ... in ways that does not require the massive production of co2... I don't know... but my real message is... we can't just pretend to make changes and not pay attention to the overall picture... oh, and what about all the co2 from the cups used for the coffee... at least bring a re usable cup to fill when you buy a cup of JO..... LOVE THAT JO...!! I just bring this coffee thing up as an example, of all WE TAKE FOR GRANTED... many of us do not realize all we do take for granted... that could be changed.... our society really needs to be flipped up side down and reviewed from the underside... so we can really see what we do that is not necessary and can be changed or let go....the way we live now.... in our every day lives... could be SSSOOOO DIFFERENT.... just consider ALL THE CONTAINERS you buy when you buy a product... IT IS TOTALLY UN NECESSARY.... and another aspect of our lives... is how we are REQUIRED TO LEAVE HOME SO MUCH.... and live off purchasing items every day.. all day... I do take my food most days... but in general... there is so much negative in the fact that we have to "GO OUT TO WORK"... far from our homes...


Yes, we the people need to resist and in the process/at the same time build the new system that leaves the hollowed out corporate capitalist shell of the old one behind.


No, the US has always been deeply divided by class and race. It's just that now, as the system is falling apart, the divisions have become very visible.


DH - you are only talking about the policy side at the federal level. This is about doing much more. First, people need to push their state and local governments to create people and environment/climate friendly policy, laws and ordinances at the appropriate levels. This also includes electing people to offices at these levels. And, it is not simply about elections or changing laws. Dealing with the big issues of class, race, social, economic, and environmental justice requires that people re-examine how the think and act - how we live in relation to each other and our environments.

And we don't need to wait, in fact we cannot wait, for all the divisions to be healed and for everyone to be together.


Man, I can't live without my coffee, so I am going to have to argue that at least growing coffee tree absorbs some carbon, it is a sustainable crop and it provides jobs to farmers in third world countries.


I've been drinking coffee since I was 12... and yes, I am a coffee person also... but, no one said that coffee growers shouldn't grow coffee... but, maybe we could come up with a way to ship it WITHOUT THE CARBON FOOT PRINT IS HAS....(SAILING SHIPS).... or ... we could come up with a type that would grow here...and everyone can DRINK AND EAT LOCAL.... I mean... the jobs thing... it always seems to get in the way.... but, maybe if MONEY wasn't such and issue... we wouldn't have to worry about JOBS FOR MONEY... it could be your LIFE'S WORK.... and traded...
I am DREAMING OF COURSE... we will never have that kind of world again.... I really get frustrated when I hear how people in third world countries... are said to be poor... okay, yes. .... some, may have extreme difficulty in obtaining water... and some very essential life sustaining 'things"... (mainly because of the West's causing drought from C.C... and Wars interfering.)... BUT... SOME in these countries... are living off the land in a very sustainable and HAPPY .... but, the West wants to put them to work .... to make MONEY.... probably in a factory... or in a stupid cubicle.... or some life deadening job.... when on their farm.... they could work with birds singing... and fresh air... exercise... don't get me wrong... I don't want to sound like I don't get the plight of some.... but... the West's answer to a lot of this...."third world suffering.".... SHOULD NOT BE to put people to work in slave wage jobs... and then make the CREDIT SLAVES TOO...


"probably the world's best newspaper, the New York Times."

Bahaha! Thanks for the belly laugh. And, no- I'm not a republican nor trump supporter.


Right. The U.S. of Amnesia.