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'Another Nail in the Coffin' of Democracy and Journalism as US Newspaper Giants Gannett and GateHouse Announce $1.4 Billion Merger

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/06/another-nail-coffin-democracy-and-journalism-us-newspaper-giants-gannett-and

American citizens(and Democracy) need another merger in journalism( concentration of corporate ownership) like turkeys need Thanksgiving.

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" He who pays the piper…calls the tune"

Mr. Blair M. Phillips
St. Catharines, Ontario
Retired Autoworker


I think the only solution to saving community-based local journalism is moving to a not-for-profit foundation model of publishing local news, both on-line and in print. Otherwise, without a public watchdog keeping them honest, local politicians and corrupt business interests are going to be able to get away with whatever they want to do in their communities for their own selfish interest, The People be damned.


Printed newspapers have declined readership 20% within the past 18 months.
Investigative journalism will continue through electronic media. Also by
the normal competition for approval by politicians. They leak to reporters
as do government employees.

This merger is also the constant trend toward monopoly position in the market place.

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It is consolidation in a dying market. Newspapers are a dying media - people who want news fast will look on line. People who want depth will buy a magazine (which is also a fading media).

“Journalism” is simply mutating and moving on line. I’m sure town criers were terribly put out when printing presses came to town.

it’s a little late for this drum to get beaten. journalism’s been dead for years. and it wasn’t all that great then.

this is life on the new privately owned planet Earth.


The “get rich or get off” Ronny Raygun era mantra is echoing louder today than ever.


Underground newspapers need to be funded. Open competition would be preferred, but underground if necessary.

Check out a project I started and is in the development process: Woke
I plan on showcasing leftist works and original submissions, as well as publishing articles that are normally hidden behind paywalls. There is still a great deal of work to do, but it is getting there. I am hoping to crowdfund for the project with a goal of $600. I’m also planning on adding user comments to the site in the near future.
I’d gladly accept constructive criticism, bearing in mind that the site is still in development!

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Happened to see part of the CNN specials on the 2000’s directed by Tom Hanks. They left all the neo-lib/cons out of the formula blaming the war crimes on bush and cheney. Must have been using the Aipac scrubber.

Did anyone ever notice that the US is becoming the new Soviet Union. Soon this newspaper merger will just be another form on Pravda. We will have one airline. One cell phone company. One cable company. Amazon will control all of our shopping. We will live under a police state. There will be one airline like Aeroflot - probably United. Walmarts will be the only stores in rural america. You will have absolutely no choice except 1,000 different flavors of toothpaste. Our government is already showing over and over that it doesn’t really care what we think. We are in deep, deep trouble without the leadership we need to move towards something better. Well, maybe we can get Bernie in there.

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I agree with what you said about newspaper readership, but the problem with more and more people finding their real news on the net is, the people in charge can shut the net down when they don’t like what’s happening. It happened on a local level in San Francisco a couple of years ago, protesters were trying to organize after a BART cop killed a young man on the train platform.


Excellent pcprincess.
By the way wanted to thank you for posting Omar’s NYT’s op-ed in the comments for all to read 10 days ago. I was late getting back to the page, and don’t think you realized I post a thank you.

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ReconFire: Thank you for the thank you!

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More insurance for the MSM to stifle opposition to future wars. War is the business model for the Empire. No audits, no results, no accountability and foreign victims.Stooges in congress will approve unlimited war budgets to keep America safe from imagined enemies. Thank you for your service in slaughtering civilians around the globe.


These newsrooms have been decimated -----the CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE is HERE! And NO on line will never replace the power of print. Just think of the term --front page news----

It works better online because that reduces factors related to commodification.

That casket has so many nails in it that this one runs the risk of going right in on top of another.

The only resemblance that these outlets bear to news in 2019 is camouflage adopted to help them disinform. For most of the 20th century, they were partially beholden to a readership and only partly to owners, advertisers, and sources. Now the readership has become only a minor input.

A major problem now is that academic institutions have made no gesture to catch up. We have to quit pretending that we live in a world wherein large institutions are beholden to a public.


My small-town friend did just that, reported on corruption by officials and other town news bits. His life and health and family were ruined. Ten to twenty years ago.

There is pravda, soft.net, and rt.com, also sputnik…