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Another Open Letter to DNC Chair Tom Perez: How Are Democrats Going to Contain the Climate Worldfire If They Won’t Even Hold a Climate Debate?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/19/another-open-letter-dnc-chair-tom-perez-how-are-democrats-going-contain-climate


If we can’t be bold on the climate crisis how can we aggressively pursue impeachment either?
So far it is a win-win for trump, and a lose-lose for the people.

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Should be a no-brainer, but the DNC powers that be-holden to Biden can’t have that 'cause he has a weakass climate policy and would be demolished by at least Bernie, Liz,Castro and even Yang. Too risky for the mainstream DEMS.

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Tom Weis, methinks your judgment of people is wanting. Surely there is some level and some manner and some sense in which Tom Perez is a good person, but one has to wonder what for.

Meanwhile from what one can see from out here, the DNC is running Joe Biden against the more popular Bernie Sanders, and they do not want to hear from anyone about climate change or health insurance or a Green New Deal or a student loan crisis because all these issues make Joe Biden look bad bad bad.

The Democratic Party is perfectly willing to elect Donald Trump again, though I am sure that would not be their first choice. They are not willing to elect Bernie Sanders, particularly not as a Democrat.

No, if this nucleus of people does not get taken out of power, you will not see a progressive anything. By that I mean that there will be no cessation of wars of empire, no return to civil rights, no leveling of income and wealth, and no healthy and productive response to our energy an ecological crises.

Psychopaths and sociopaths are actually not inhuman, though they are deceptive about a lot that we think of as human. You are not going to look at them and see beaks and tentacles. When it becomes clearly documented that people are involved in heinous actions and high crimes, you should not expect them to be demonic or not be born of human wombs. But you should also not expect them to perform well on future occasions.

Tom Perez is not trying to “contain the climate wildfire.” He is trying to contain the movement for a popular Democratic candidate.


Funny, to feature tío Tomas, right as the web’s recounting Neville Chamberlain’s handing Hitler Sudentenland to build his tanks and firearms? Guess, this time the Fascicts are closer to home? More of is are getting moderated, as in '16, for suggesting DNC superdelegate thugs are beneficiaries of Trump’s Kleptocratic Idiocracy. Tax cut scams, graft, oversite lapsing into “git 'r DUN, boyz!” extractive shock doctorine rule (asset forfeiture now exceeds amateur burglary, robbery and extortion?) Cui bono, indeed. Must be plenty to go around?

Kleptocrats fixing to bad cop/ scary BAD cop us, yet again? Climate chaos, financial crash, healthcare bankruptcies and of course, neoConfederate privatized “law enforcement” all going through our debit card purchases, GPS & web activity.


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Let me help you out, Tom:

“Either the Democratic Party is committed to mobilizing America to ‘address this threat on a scale not seen since World War II’ or it isn’t.”

It isn’t.

You’re welcome.

Yes, I think we get ready for the bad cops here, Beli. The pretense of legitimacy has pretty much worn through, with direct brutality filling the gaps more and more.

Uncle-tom perez - aka tio taco - was chosen to run against Keith Ellison for DNC chair by obama; the purpose was and is, to continue sabotaging progressives and our issues to cater to the DINO sold-out wing clients. The bankers/wall street/for-profit insurance/big-pharma and on and on who those DINO’s serve.

The DP is no longer a “big-tent” umbrella party, but a wholly-owned and dominated private club of the entrenched establishment. Anyone that confuses “Democrats” with that group of sold-out neo-liberal big-money whores better take another think. They are interested only in maintaining power for themselves and their big-money clients, aka campaign-contributors. The truth of that is seen clearly since bill clinton up to today, in the continuation of a loosing “strategy” that would rather lose to R’cons than the progressive/left - we see it every day.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result" Unless “we” have a truly representative party, dedicated to progressive, human rights, environmental and Common Good issues, rather than those craven centrist whores like uncle-tom, we will continue to be betrayed by those who represent big-money, not the 99%!

The stench of betrayal from those “Democrats” is ripe and even tho we are in the fight of our lives on many fronts since the pathological trump & co was enabled by those same centrist DINO’s, they continue to betray and sell us and our issues down the river - the same river, or creek, we will all soon (even more) be up, without a goddamn paddle.

A debate after a multi-hour climate change town-hall that most people didn’t watch is “mobilizing?” Okay. Next, we’ll hear about how the Supreme Court doesn’t matter but all these awesome conscious-voter fulfilling climate change plans that will surely go before it do.

3.5 degrees C is immune to the opinions of the court.

It’s sad to have to point that out to those content to nip around the edges of problems, but I won’t have to for much longer. Climate chaos is just a decade or two away.

That’s right, a debate is not nipping around the edges. Ensuring a Court majority that doesn’t read the commerce clause as anathema to environmental protections is.

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