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Another Republican Takes a Step to Ensure Death of the EPA


Another Republican Takes a Step to Ensure Death of the EPA

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A House Republican this week introduced legislation to eviscerate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


If you really want to know what "wasteful" is, go take a look at a BLM reclamation site. Maybe they should throw you in, instead of 10,000 snow geese.


Why not eliminate the focus of oppression and spying on US citizens - The Department of Fatherland, er Homeland Security!


The Heritage Foundation. Once again the Koch brothers insert their wealth via one of their many foundations through their political cronies to hog tie an institution that hinders their profits. They really want it completely erased. They pretty much want to erase any agency that interferes with their business and profit and don't give a damn about the air we breath or the water we depend on for life itself. They don't give a damn about humanity itself and seem to forget; or ignore, that their own future generations; their grandchildren, will be equally affected by their greed and ignorance. They ignore history itself.

They don't want to pay their fair share of taxes; hell they don't want to pay any taxes, yet they have invested many millions of dollars in universities and education provided that they set the curriculum and the professors who teach their form of Libertarianism. They have invested many more millions into our politicians campaigns and effectively have bought their loyalty. They are now planning to invest in the newly nominated Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, and are also planning to expand their influence into the educational system. How is this 35+ years of influence not a conspiracy to subvert our government?

I bid them and their cohorts well; in the not too distant future, when 'all' eyes will open and 'see' those that have caused their misery and unnecessary suffering will rise up and revolt against them. In the ignored history mentioned earlier the elite and politicians did not fare very well. Perhaps these individuals should step aside from their concentrated agenda and educate themselves on the revolutions of the past. All Americans are not willing to stay bent over and those that are have not yet realized they are being used as pawns. expendable.

At an estimated wealth of some 29 Billion dollars each.................They still don't have enough. They'll likely never have enough.


Hey, Sam Johnson of Texas
Environmental Protection Agency could use a good purging.
First Europe banned phthalates, Bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles.
Second Canada banned these endocrine disrupting, estrogen imitating, chemicals in baby bottles.
Years later the United States Environment Protection Agency finally replaced phthalates, Bisphenol A (BPA) with other chemicals that are estrogen imitators that still may cause HYPOSPADIAS and other male genital problems.
What could be EPA’s mission?