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'Another Toxic Giveaway': Trump EPA Blasted for Rollback of Coal Plant Wastewater Rules

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/01/another-toxic-giveaway-trump-epa-blasted-rollback-coal-plant-wastewater-rules

Have to ask what is in it for Trump and what do you get?

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And what have we learned children?
If you want something to stick, you legislate it into law. You don’t sit on your hands for 7 years and then ask your president to try and fix something with a signing statement, full well knowing that the next president could make that policy (and not law) go away with the stroke of pen.

On the odd chance that they should take control of both the House and senate in 2021, let’s hope they learn to legislate again.
I won’t hold my breath.

Environmental Polluter’s Agency, even tricky dick was smart enough to realize you shouldn’t turn your living space into a toxic hazardous waste dump. Who would be stupid enough to do that … you’d have to be a lunatic!

No Ethics, No Morals, No Conscience, No Redeeming Values of Any Kind!

While my selfish instinct is to take this as an assault against my career and then my profession, I know first and foremost that this is an assault on Life on Earth, which is what inspired me in the first place. Likely, Earthjustice will prevail in the end as they often do. I worked alongside them for about a decade and they never give up–never. Go get 'em EJ!


Hi F_DN:
It would certainly be interesting if a plane full of fracked water had to fly over Florida---- but accidentally had to drop its load like-----hmmm —somewhere over Mar-A-Largo. I think that if Trump experienced a sense of , “Seeing is believing,” that would be the only thing which might make him understand what polluted water does to human and other living things.

Hi stardustlBID,

drumpf would certainly rage if it happened to him, but I believe even what you’re describing wouldn’t change his mind about doing it to someone else. I think he is incapable of making any kind of connection to another human being. He’s, what, raped at least three women including a thirteen year old girl and his first wife. He really is a malicious lunatic who should be imprisoned.