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Another U.S Nuke Bites the Dust


Another U.S Nuke Bites the Dust

Harvey Wasserman

The chain reactor operator Entergy has announced it will close the Pilgrim nuke south of Boston. The shut-down will bring U.S. reactor fleet to 98, though numerous other reactors are likely to face abandonment in the coming months.

But Entergy says it may not take Pilgrim down until June 1, 2019—nearly four years away.

Entergy is also poised to shut the FitzPatrick reactor in New York. It promises an announcement by the end of this month.


"We the People" fought Diablo Canyon until we couldn't fight anymore.
They even called in the coast guard for the shore landings.

Across the U.S. some two dozen Fukushima clones still operate.
That is for the facts that are known and published. Guess what we aren't told.

How long had Ohio been eating yellow cake dust, how long will Washington
eat Hanford run off or Denver the Rocky Flats residue in their steams.
Don't even start with me about Savannah River.
How Diablo Canyon and it's lateral fault lines go, so goes the west coast.

And for what, not economics, not free market, but rather due to corrupt licensing.
In fact if you count in the subsidies for oil/nukes, solar wins hands down at the $/kw.

Even Fukushima couldn't break their hold over the governments.
The awakening event for the US will make 3-mile Island look tame,
and quite possibly take out HUGE sectors of the country.

And NO the area around Chernobyl is NOT thriving.
Just like Fukushima won't be thriving any time soon.
Regardless of how many lies they tell.


"FirstEnergy wants Ohio to hand it a massive bailout to keep Davis-Besse open despite extremely dangerous safety violations and millions in operating losses. Exelon wants millions in public bailouts from the state of Illinois for five money-losing reactors that are also falling apart."

This is precisely the type of scenario that the TPP and TIPP may enshrine into coerced law. Corporations cut their profits off the top and then leave the cost of cleaning up the dying, radioactive corpse to the public.

What's the code name for investor disputes? Was it BDS? I forget the acronym; but what it means is that just as military kangaroo courts play at justice, these corporate insider tribunals will be tasked with determining whether sovereign nations, states, and communities are responsible for the "denied profits" that WOULD HAVE ACCRUED had pesky things like human health concerns and/or environmental health and safety not factored into the net calculus.


YOU are a pro-nuclear power shill. Or is that you work for the nuclear regulatory agency? The agency that used PR to push "the peaceful atom" onto unknowing communities.

You always denigrate Mr. Wasserman, play down the significance of a plethora of GREENER technologies, and push the argument that nukes CAN be (or is it ARE) perfectly safe. Like other pro-industry shills, you leave out any mention of all of the following:

  1. The decommission costs go to the public
  2. The public/govt. is the insurer of last resort

  3. The role of earth changes (climate chaos) in no longer guaranteeing stable lands for these plants, or reliable water sources to cool them

And of course, what to do with the build-up of radioactive rods and other debris... a nemesis that has plagued society--not to mention the nuclear industry--for 50 years.


It's important to keep in mind that the most critical brakes that were actually applied to the U.S. nuke industry was the people's movement to stop them following 3-mile Island, for excellent reasons (even with their never becoming economically viable, the U.S. govt was set to keep paying for nuke power expansion). The waste from nuclear power is a cancer upon the Earth, a poison to untold lives of the future. It is beyond irresponsible to manufacture one more atom of this kind of waste, when there is no known way to keep it under safe containment for the full timespan necessary. Not just seven generations, but that times 100 is how long the worst waste will remain deadly, and unless future Earth life forms can read the warning labels on the constantly-maintained containment structures, there is a very high probability of lots of terrible death created in the future by these plants. The real solution here is to shut down all nuclear power now! I ask you to stop ducking the only morally acceptable first step that will open up a wonderful new world of possibilities: nukes off-switch. (Oh, and keep the waste already produced above ground, in constantly monitored, heavily housed encasements on the property of the private nuke industry to maintain themselves--and when they go bankrupt, maintained by the government through a tax on carbon, always closely allied with nukes, until the carbon barons go bankrupt, and then we'll still need to pay for maintaining these sites as long as societies capable of doing so exist.)


First off, Harvey Wasserman is not an executive with any electric utility, nor is he the head of any government agency, so your demand that he develop an energy plan those entities haven't is absurd. Second, as to your comment about a tsunami at Pilgrim: The sign I saw in the photo said nothing about a tsunami; it said "Pilgrim Fukishima Same Design Same Danger." The danger is not the specific accident initiating event (a tsunami at Fukushima, so they say - though I wonder if the real initiating event was actually the earthquake, which prevented the operators' from injecting cooling water into the reactor core, and that probably was already a fact before the tsunami wave struck the plant) but rather the design weaknesses that allowed such a LOCA (loss of cooling accident) to occur in the first place, as well as the requirement for active (i.e., electric power required to function) emergency core cooling systems. I could explain a great deal more about BWR design, including containment designs and details about how the reactors are operated, but it would make for a much too long post. Suffice it to say that BWRs (and in many ways PWRs) are big old metal cans full of water with a nuclear fire inside (at pretty high power densities). If the water goes away, especially while the reactor is at power, the operators must put in some more water, pretty fast and a lot of it. Of course, this is designed to happen automatically, but it always required electrically driven pumps. The problem is, for a design basis LOCA, some fuel damage and possible hydrogen generation has already occurred before core re-flood. Then the containment must do its job. At Fukushima the containment - much the same design as the containment at Pilgrim - could not do that job.

Anyway, as the old saying goes, regarding Pilgrim and all other antiquated reactor designs: Good riddance to bad rubbish!


Meanwhile Fukushima's children have a 40% higher rate of thyroid cancer.


This claim of increased childhood cancer resulting from Fukushima is false. See: http://www.hiroshimasyndrome.com/fukushima-child-thyroid-issue.html


Thanks for the astroturf website example of nuclear industry disinformation.


"If we want to shut down all the nukes we need to either generate X watts some other way or reduce demand (D) by Y watts so the Z watts we can generate equals D."

Well, only if you want to keep living way above the planetary ability to support life.... like if you want to keep Professional sports.... using casinos for a jobs program, if you want to keep NASCAR.... if you want to allow rich people to fly all over the place for not good reason except for the hell of it.... if you want to keep producing mountains of stupid plastic stuff.... if you want to keep an economy that is killing us... bringing us closer and closer every day to annihilation.... Capitalism, in a democracy, is a death sentence... because there is not enough understanding of the limits we must adhere to.... If we do not PRIORITIZE our activities and production we will not make it... we can make renewables till the cows come home, but it won't matter if we are making them to light up massive stadiums and not for hospitals.... etc...