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Another Uprising Was Inevitable

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/30/another-uprising-was-inevitable


It’s so refreshing to meet a real abolitionist in Zenobia Jeffries Warfield, rather than a reformer:

Non-solutions such as body cams and de-escalation training are clearly not the answer. The number of police killings between 2018 and 2019 increased, despite the growing use of body cams by police districts around the country.

“We have to tackle those embedded assumptions that we need a police force,” Ellison said. “They’re not working for us, they’re killing.”

Out here in the Bay Area, we call it the Anti Police Terror Project, or APTP. Cat Brooks, who ran for mayor of Oakland (fwiw), is co-host of KPFA’s morning news show Up Front, and co-founder of APTP.


The number of Police related deaths goes up even with the widespread use of Body cams because the Police now know that if that Video image showed the killing of a suspect unjustified and the the Cops LIED about what prompted it, they are rarely if ever convicted of a crime. They know with a higher degree of certainty that if they kill a black suspect, the system will ensure they will not be charged.

This is not because the Body cams failed. It because the Justice system fails. Were it not for those images of the officer kneeling on Floyds neck all filmed by passerby that cop would still be part of the police force and the 4 cops testimony as to what in fact happened would have been deemed the truth.

it is not individual cops deemed as bad apples that cause this… It is a failure in the Justice system one that is fundamentally a racist system. Yes it has to be re-examined from the bottom up.

Before the Europeans arrived, the First Nations peoples had no prisons and they had no Policemen yet they were able to keep order.


Even if you use a “common knowledge” model in looking at this incident, it is obvious how unprepared we are to deal with aggressive or violent behavior in a responsible way. From the initial situation, to events that escalated there were many opportunities to intervene for a different outcome. All this in hindsight for most people. What is clear is that our culture is fractured to the point of dysfunction with very little provocation. There are ways to fix this, not with more technology but with re-training, re-thinking, and a willingness to work on it until we get better at using these tools.


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I cant shake the feeling that what we’re watching is a deliberate provocation with the aim of distracting the nations attention from all the other things that are going on. An important one is the potential loss of Black civil service jobs on a large scale, due to this very obscure and unknown challenge to our immigration laws, specificlly our quotas limiting the amount of jobs outsourced/offshored. Right now they cant render a dicsion but that will likely change in the next administration, regardless of who wins, I think it will go ahead. A decision would be binding on the entire world. Not just the US, I think its inevitable. If people are mad now, imagine how mad they will be when they lose so many jobs.


This is an informative essay talking about a related change the shift in priorities in preferences and set asides…

This is about both the GPA and GATS. This is a bit technical but it can and should get across some concepts I am struggling explaining to people without laspsing into a rant. Its important to understand.

The Limited Case for Permitting SME Procurement Preferences in the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement

Thank you for this information. I couldn’t get the first link to work, just to let you know.

The second link was very informative, it actually provides some missing information and it makes perfect sense. As an American worker, one only sees it a piece at a time and it doesn’t make sense and is hard to quantify. Not to mention the bombardment of propaganda. Thanks very much.

I liked this too: (from the second link

This happens in Israel as well. Yet hardly even reported. See story about autistic person slaughtered at border.

The disorganized response always comes early on. Reactionary measures follow, and then things either subside or become serious.

We have a broken elect ion and a depression coming, apparently with 50%+ unemployment over large areas and something like 5 trillion in presto-change-o fiat funds dropped out of the air to financiers.

That dark swell on the horizon that might mean something.

The first link did it appear to be blank?

you may have needed to scroll upward. You can also search for “DS503” or search for that and “WTO” in the Indian press.

There are a bunch of stories there, mostly from 2016 and 2017. The issue is that they made a deal to subcontract jobs in exchange for markets but they pay workers so little that the markets are not expected to be large, while the number of jobs we could lose could be astronomical. We could lose most of our desk jobs. Especially public jobs. Because they ‘have to’ be privatized based on the two line “governmental authority exclusion” test, (See the Glossary entry for that) bit by bit or rapidly, it will still impact peoples entire lives, because their jobs will become precarious. There will be a clock ticking, also wages will plummet in other jobs. Or so the advocates predict. Thats what they want.

Great writing and insights. Regarding, “Witnessing someone being killed is terrorizing.” Terrorist police and military are generations long US policy; witnessing murder by those cops is meant to terrorize all people into submission to ever more austerity.