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'Another Victory for #MedicareForAll!' Says Jayapal as Fourth House Hearing on Proposal Is Announced

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/04/another-victory-medicareforall-says-jayapal-fourth-house-hearing-proposal-announced

I"m on the email list for National Nurses United I just received this =- thought some here would be interested

National Nurses United

We just received major news: after months of pressure from activists around the country, the House Energy & Commerce Health Subcommittee has announced it will be holding a hearing next Tuesday.

Here’s the catch: not only is the hearing going to focus on several inferior health care bills in Congress, but we also have reason to believe that the committee is refusing to call an expert witness to testify on behalf of Medicare for All.

This is unacceptable, and we can’t let this Subcommittee stack the deck against us. No one would make a better witness in this hearing than a bedside nurse from National Nurses United, because nurses — more than anyone — know what it takes to truly advocate for the needs of patients. And, everyday, nurses are on the frontlines of our country’s egregious health care crisis.

We’re demanding that an NNU nurse be added as a witness. Can you make a call today to the Chair of the Health Subcommittee, Rep. Anna Eshoo, and demand that an NNU nurse be included as a witness?

Or just directly dial (408) 245-2339, and use this script below:

Hi, my name is ______ and I’m calling to demand that Health Subcommittee Chair Rep. Eshoo invite a nurse from National Nurses United to be a witness in Tuesday’s Energy & Commerce hearing. Nurses have firsthand experience in our country’s broken health care system, and they are a crucial voice that must be included.Thank you.
Call Rep. Eshoo »

We know that earlier hearings on Medicare for All this year would not have been such a success without the testimony of strong Medicare for All supporting witnesses like Ady Barkan and Rebecca Wood.

That’s why these next few days represent a crucial window for us to demand fair representation in this hearing. Without the help of your calls in this moment, it is likely that the Subcommittee will not give Medicare for All the fair shake it deserves.

Please take a minute to call Rep. Eshoo’s office today, and join the chorus of nurses, patients, and activists who are demanding she put an RN as a witness in the hearing.

We wouldn’t have advanced to this moment were it not for the work of people like you all across the country demanding more of their elected officials. Let’s keep pushing to ensure that this committee hears our movement loud and clear.

In solidarity,

Jasmine Ruddy
Organizing Team
Nurses’ Campaign to Win Medicare for All

Call Rep. Eshoo


Thank you for putting this up. when I read the article and noted that they were also looking at these other plans…I thought this doesn’t look good. Pelosi and her corporate buddies will die before they let the people have universal healthcare.



Thank you for sharing. I shared on my social media and will contact Eshoo tomorrow.


I also thank you for posting this. I am on it and have sent it to my kids and a few friends who support MFA.

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Good on ya. NNU is fully behind Bernie and his MFA plans.
I got on the NNU email list due to being at the 2017 NNU Peoples Summit In Chicago. Met and chatted with Jimmy Dore there too.
Happy to say that I’m in that I"m in that photo taken of Bernie and the Auditorium Audience at his back

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