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'Another Victory for Voters' as Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Mail-In Ballot Signatures Don't Need to Match Registration Rolls

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/23/another-victory-voters-pennsylvania-supreme-court-rules-mail-ballot-signatures-dont


Hooray for the courageous GOP members of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for not sabotaging voting rights.
Whenever voting rights are defended and affirmed, Fuhrer Trump weeps bitter little tears from his beady little eyes.


As I have aged and arthritis has advanced, my signature has most definitely changed.
Glad to see this win for voters in PA.


I do not know Pennsylvania voter registration method.
Suggest it is strong enough that citizens can be confident
that their vote gets counted.
In person here: show drivers license, compare photo to person.
They sign clerks log book and signature is compared too.
However, the absentee envelope has signature cross ways and
if signed after placing ballot inside and sealing, may distort a bit.

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I was always under the impression that registration was first and foremost. Strange to see that it doesn’t rate all that high.

Baby Donnie simply does not like the “wrong votes”, so he and his swindler GOP scammers are resorting to desperate measures. After all it must really hurt to see sleepy uncle Joe so wide awake and kick Trump in the ass in last’s debate. How does if feel to get beat by an “old senile”? So much for Mr. showman’s pea brains which is stuck on the lying track for ever.

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Trump in a speech was talking about the “super duper missile” sounds like top secret info----just like the Space Force???

The Space Force has been a MIC wet dream for decades. Raygun was the first to push for its creation under the Star Wars moniker. Trump finally gave the Republicrats cover to give it a huge cash pile in the War Budget. They even have uniforms…whoopee.

For in-person voters you must sign a book which contains the registrations for that polling place before you are given a ballot to vote. Always seemed to be to establish who actually voted and who ‘sat it out’. Not a signature comparison by the poll people. With mail-ins, the ballot
goes into a ‘secrecy’ envelope which does not identify the voter in any respect. Identification of the voter is addressed first at the stage the application for mail-in is requested, then later by information on the
outside of an outer envelope in which the secrecy envelope is sent. Without getting into lengthy discussion, there is some truth to the claim that mail-in/drop off voting has more potential for fraud than in-person voting. Previously voting absentee involved stricter standards and of course a vastly smaller number of ballots. The present system sends you an email confirming the date of receipt and that receipt
has been ‘recorded’ as timely received. Recorded and counted being two different procedures.

I find the hysteria about ‘getting out the vote’ and ‘every vote counts’, particularly shrill on the Dem side of
things, to be hollow. In large part because of the DNC’s general deception and deplorable treatment of
Sanders - not so much for Sanders sake personally as he surely knew what the DNC was and is, but because the treatment was the DNC’s slap in the face of every ordinary American who solidly supported him. ‘Counting every vote’ is obviously not the goal. Nor is a ‘fair’ election anywhere on the DNC
priority list. Were it otherwise, the DNC’s operatives would not have spent a huge amount of time and money trying to induce courts in as many states as possible to remove the Green Party from the ballot. Nor if they cared about either concept, would they have treated the large segment of the American public
who supported his candidacy and his policies like the step-sisters treated the mythical Cinderella.

The anxiety of this time is surely that it really doesn’t matter very much which of the so-called ‘major party contenders’ nominally/hypothetically/actually ‘wins’. It seems to me that in terms of holding ordinary
citizens back, denying Medicare for All, addressing climate change, rescuing the newly-graduated from
school loans that will follow them to the grave, etc., etc, etc., that time has passed. And that’s as it should be.


The vote means nothing when you are living beneath the yoke of corporate tyranny. These same people we elect to represent us, betray the public trust by turning around and representing a small minority of privileged class wealthy enough to buy their favors. The toxic atmosphere of D.C. corrupts and twists to its own purposes the most seemingly incorruptible of all who enter it. It has a life of its own and taints or destroys everything it touches.

Thank you for lifting the veils from the eyes of the people to reveal the naked truth about the emperor (the DNC). But I didn’t understand what you meant by, “And that’s how it should be.”

Neither Trump nor Biden, if elected, will do anything for the good of the country. It is not even a possibility. They have no desire to. They are both amoral to the core. And both lack the intellectual capacity it would require. And as we should know from the Obama the drone assasin, it takes ALL THREE for change to occur.

The sick game that goes on daily in Washington, DC depends, for its continuation, upon the ability of the biggest stakeholders’ to hold back the legions of ordinary people they mock in their actions as fools for letting them do it. When they are no longer able to hold them back, necessary change will occur. And not one minute before. It is the American people who must put a stop to the sham, the lying, the refusal to spend a penny to help desperate Americans, the in-your-face hypocrisy, the rush to lower the bar even further in selecting incompetent puppets as presidential candidates, etc. Its is our country. The power has always been there. Voting is an exercise to try to create an illusion of having a ‘voice’. Care-taking of your country is more like an everyday responsibility. And that’s as it should be.

Just like they require a new passport photo every 10 years, you should make sure that your ‘signature of record’ gets updated to what it currently is, regularly.

People here have too little acquaintance with vote fraud. You should ask the people of other countries, such as Mexico of 30 years or more ago, about stolen elections. Elections can have issues from too many votes (voting the way the Powers-That-Be wanted them voted) as from too few votes.

FWIW, a2, I would respectfully have to disagree. The GWB/Gore election resulted in a fraudulent court-selected ‘winner’. Sanders was ripped off in 2016 by the DNC, which a few within the inner circle have
acknowledged outright. What has not been acknowledged but infinately more obvious is that the machinery of ‘voting’ - votes cast/votes counted - was radically tampered with by the DNC in the 2020 primaries. Most obviously with the notable disparity between exit polls and final results. But in pure common sense terms, only in a Fairyland of pure mythology does an individual carrying enough baggage to require several porters, who to the point of Clyburn’s ‘endorsement’, the removal of competitors, etc. has barely pulled in a few votes here and there - ‘suddenly’ and inexplicably sails above Sanders, the top

It just doesn’t happen that way. And you don’t have to have run for office or done poll work to know that.
Were that kind of ‘miraculous’ turn-around more than sheer myth, Mr. West would no doubt carry the day on Tuesday.

And I daresay the manipulators who rely upon dishonest tactics within the DNC ‘corporation’ and/or the
Republican 'corporation KNOW that the average American Voter KNOWS they are being had, but believes there is absolutely nothing they can do about it but pretend they are not. Its an in-your-face kind of thing - I screwed you out of a decent presidential candidate - jokes on you AGAIN LOL!. For the cynical among us the Lucy/Charlie/football game seems to be a significant part of the attraction of the

Surely its likely that come Nov. 3rd or a week later or a month later, there will be the same kind of drama
as 2000, with both ‘corporations’ claiming to have been victimized. Unlike the Koolaid drinkers - blueberry, cherry or both - I would not even venture a guess as to who has’won’ the battle of ‘who’s the
victim’ or committed fraud.

Seems to me that the answer to the latter is BOTH have committed fraud and to the former that
the only victims are American citizens. The 2020 Sanders thing changed a lot for me, because it
was so extreme that it was fraud, quite knowing and deliberate, brought about entirely by the DNC to deny its own membership a candidate that had he been chosen would now be the clear winner-to-be who
would actually make some changes toward enacting some of his goals.


…PS - sorry the timer went off I guess. Its not just that the Sanders 2020 situation was voter fraud.
Or that it was criminal. Or that mockery of the public is way overdue for bringing the DNC into the light of day in terms of accountability. But because for whatever ridiculous self-serving reason, the dishonesty removed the hope from a huge segment of Americans that life could and would get better. And honestly
a2, it seems to me that there is not a single soul in the DNC who feels the slightest remorse what has
been done to the bulk of American families so that they can play ‘power games’. No doubt there is much
to complain about within the Republican side of things, but no equivalent promise of relief from major
‘survival problems’. .