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Another Warmonger Rewarded for Being Wrong on Iraq War


Another Warmonger Rewarded for Being Wrong on Iraq War

Adam Johnson

How many war-boosters does the Washington Post need? Tuesday, the capital’s most influential paper announced that Max Boot, yet another white, pro-war, pro-Israel, blow-everything-up pundit, would be joining their opinion section. It goes to show, again, that the most certain way to move up in the media pundit universe is to consistently echo US national security orthodoxy—without pause or regret.


I like Adam Johnson more every time I read his articles. He is what a journalist with integrity looks like!

I would say that the Washington Post is useful only for wrapping fish, but that’s kind of an insult to innocent fish! Maybe it could be used in the bottom of a buzzard cage.

Once again, those who parrot the “official” narrative are handsomely rewarded. The ones who dare to expose the truth (Chris Hedges, Robert Parry, Garry Webb and others) are suddenly “persona non grata” in the halls of “the Mighty Wurlitzer” where consent is manufactured.

Adam, if there indeed is a heaven, Robert Parry is smiling down upon you right now, and saying “Good job. Keep it up.”


I saw this at another site. You’d think The Post was in the defense contractor business as many times as they advocate an aggressive policy by the government. Same with The Times and most other journals of record. We really have to rely on independent crowd funded sources to get honest facts instead of ra, ra, cheer team USA on to pursue disastrous military actions. It makes me sick. When is hostile action really called for? Even after the attacks of September 11, if one believes the “official” story, bombing two countries with nothing to do with the attacks with full support of the press and citizens to exact revenge was uncalled for. I was still working at the time and didn’t realize until recently the large sizes of anti-war protests at the time. Pity. Shame on these papers for cheering Americans to support illegal wars launched by a bunch of psychopaths wanting to destroy the ME to install “democracy”; no wonder they(ME countries) rejected it and replaced the governments with radical tribes and growing terrorist threats. Shame on them all.


The Washington Post is giving its readers both perspectives:

The Center Right and the Far Right.


Let’s not call these war-mongers, pundits. Call them the war propagandists and criminals they are. Their entire careers exist for the sake of justifying this country’s illegal, murderous foreign policy. They should be prosecuted right along with Bush, Cheney, Obama, Trump, the majority of Congress and all the others in the ongoing War of Terror this country is inflicting across the globe.


They’re Ziofascists. All about Palestine


They are and have been, for far too long, cheerleaders for wars, because they care more about their paychecks and careers than speaking the truth, like the recently deceased Robert Parry. Instead of pundits I would call these war mongers presstitutes and whorespondents!