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Another Witch Hunt? Trump Team Demands Info on State Dept's Gender Equality Programs


Another Witch Hunt? Trump Team Demands Info on State Dept's Gender Equality Programs

Nika Knight, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump's transition team sent shockwaves through the U.S. State Department this week with an unusual memo seeking details and the positions of those working on programs that advocate for women and promote gender equality.


Trump is just looking for a list of women's names and numbers for his Little Black Book.
With his wife still living in New York, he will need some female companionship.
And who could resist the "Leader of the Free World"?


Republicans won't be happy until they completely dismantle the government. It looks like it's well on it's way too.
Will they be satisfied with the chaos and revolution that comes with no functioning government or is that what they want?


Expect a large statue of Joseph McCarthy to be installed in a prominent DC location before the end of Trump's first term.


Keep everyone guessing, uncertain and fearful. Whether the Trump Team of Fascists actually move to purge the various agencies they are "investigating" they are creating a toxic atmosphere. It isn't difficult to extrapolate these behaviors and see where this could lead, either way.
Do or say the wrong thing and you are gone.


Well the con man supreme has his way: send out apeshit tweets for attention to the PE with Narcissism personality disorder: "hey I got attention from the world"

Next, send out another implied witch hunt memo for the same: "hey I got attention from the world again for something different than this morning"

Next, after attacks from others for the first tweets, he will insult others, thereby once again moving the focus to some other apeshit idea he throws to the wall, to see if it sticks.

As from a book of my youth "Let the wild rumpas start."


The republican party is a domestic terrorist organization, with the stated aim of destroying the government. The only function of government, according to the republicans, is to act as a means to transfer wealth from us to them. The fate of ordinary Americans is of no concern to a republican.


They're making lists. When will they open the concentration camps?


I think that equality isnt as much an issue as the difference between gender and gender identity. How can we see equality if we dont understand the parts and pieces of the human experience? How can we be equal when we have a hard time seeing each other as fellow citizens? If someone sees someone as a wellfare queen, then they are not a fellow citizen. If we see someone as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer, how could we possibly help them in ther trek of life? So, here's some science: in this decade we have found out all humans start as female. As the DNA starts to do its thing, the vagina becomes the penis, the ovaries become the testicles. Because we are human and imperfect, what would make someone think that we that there would be no variations of the human? We are born into our sexuality whether people like to hear it not. Noone turns gay. You are or you aren't. Our social constructs is what prevents us from acceptance. Is it today we found out that men and women like the same sex? No, its been going on since recorded history. So, whats the problem? The answer is: Us, we, them. We are the problem as a whole. Everytime we allow someone to talk down to or about someone's sexual nature, dont be afraid to come to a defence. Remember, we are in this together. Dont be afraid to read about GLBTQ philosophy. Humans can be very surprising.


Oh, in DT's internal world that may be true but in the world the rest of us inhabit his refuseniks would be legion.


Yeah, like DC doesn't have enough public urinals.


School kids visiting DC will be able to urinate on the Joe McCarthy statue to demonstrate trickle down economics, seeing how too many Murkins have yet to figure out how well trickle down doesn't work for them.


Chaos is exactly what they want. The next step will be marshall law. I'm not kidding. They are neither republicans or democrats. They are totalitarian fascists. The shortest distance from current conditions to their complete control is violence or threat of it. Sorry, but realism is our best friend right now.


Bingo. You are spot on. Cut right to the meat of the matter. The only thing that is slowing them down from mass incarceration of dissidents is first of all inauguration day then anything else they might be jailed for themselves....the latter of which is a nul possibility given my read of the socio-political climate of the 1%. As long as the majority can be frightened or manipulated into acquiescence, they will have a free reign pretty close to Pinochet, Noriega, Hitler, Mussolini...... The window dressing has been torn back from what's nakedly true within American politics. either get used to the ugliest truths or outsmart the insane bastards.