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'Another World Is Possible': Ocasio-Cortez Uses Video Gaming Platform to Raise $200,000 for Fight Against Hunger, Evictions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/30/another-world-possible-ocasio-cortez-uses-video-gaming-platform-raise-200000-fight


Is it any wonder why so many love and respect this woman?

Direct actions are always needed and now more than ever.


"It’s so important to communicate that another world is possible and not only is it possible but it exists.

WHAT A LADY! AOC, another world is possible with wonderful people like you!

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Sorry, this seems to be a distraction, or redirect to me. We shouldn’t need to have "bake sales’ to feed people, or take care of Vets, or pay for hospital bills or prescription drugs, or heat,…
She voted for Pelosi, Cares Act, what ever Wall Street wanted.

Very,very true. A country that spends $740,000,000,000.00 a year on its military while millions of Americans are destitute, sick and dying is approaching spiritual death! But just the same, I like commend AOC for trying to help.

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I definitely appreciate AOC’s creativity in finding ways to provide aid to folks. We have got to “think outside the box” and do whatever we can.

She should be applauded for these efforts, especially this time of year.

On the flip side, our President, per the Post tonight, raised $150 million for his “stop the fraud” effort. The money is mostly going to his Leadership PAC, not his legal effort though. Per the Post, his PAC can be used to “pay for events at his own properties, or to finance his travel or personal expenses.”

@dpearl and I were taking about the coup-and-grift nature of Trump’s post-election shenanigans. He’s not feeding the hungry, but feeding himself.