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Answering 'Resistance From All Sides,' Germany Moves to Ban GMO Crops


Answering 'Resistance From All Sides,' Germany Moves to Ban GMO Crops

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Germany on Monday became the latest country in the European Union to take a stand against genetically modified (GMO) crops in its food supply.

German Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt told government officials that he will seek to implement the European Union's "opt-out" rule to stop GMO crop cultivation in the country, including those varieties which may be approved by the EU, according to documents seen by Reuters this week.


“The US Congress will protect their right” ??? Really? The US Congress is only protecting Monsanto, not the right of citizens to choose what to feed their own families by making decision based on the fact that food stuffs be labeled.


Why not label GMO’s? Its a matter of choice. Conservatives could then choose to eat them and the pesticides they love.


The ban is on cultivation not consumption. Choice doesn’t work for cultivation because GM crops contaminate ones grown by organic means using sustainable practices for example.


So even if Germany bans GMOs, what happens if the TTIP goes into effect?


I loved Lisa Archer’s quote:

“Germany has committed a true act of food democracy by listening to the majority of its citizens that oppose GMO cultivation and support more sustainable, resilient organic food production that doesn’t perpetuate the overuse of toxic herbicides”

I wish I lived in a democracy, but I live in the U.S.A.


“There’s resistance from all sides, from the public to the farmers” Everyone in the US feels the same way, accept our Congress which has been bought and payed for by the chemical companies.


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It’s great that the Scots and Germans still have politicians and governments that listen to the people.


And Monsanto et al love the contamination of both organic and conventionally grown crops; it moves them closer to owning/controlling the world food supply while forcing farmers with a conscience to grow only those crops that as yet don’t have their transgenic counterparts.
Berkley scientist, Ignacio Chapela found corn planted in remote mountain areas of Oaxaca in Mexico to be contaminated with transgenic pollen.


The sad reality is if you talked to most Americans they would have no clue what you’re talking about when you mention the letters GMO. Unlike the Germans citizens who are inquisitive and informed, here we find most focused on fantasy football and the Kardashians. To think that Monsanto is able to get people in the most progressive states in this country to vote against having the knowledge of what is in the food they are feeding their children is mind-boggling. I agree with your statement; " I wish I lived in a democracy, but I live in the U.S.A." Our elected officials take their orders from big business so unfortunately we are stuck living in a corporatocracy.


Good point.


Sparks will fly! The TTIP includes the stipulation that multi-national corporations have the right to sue by private tribunal Like (the FISA so-called court). Meaning that the TTIP (or the TPP) trade deal trumps federal, local and state courts, or any sovereign citizen, that may cause a loss in profits gained or projected to earn in future years! Looks like the “Perfect Crime” to me; but all perfectly legal?!


In the US it boils down to how much democracy you can afford.


"The ban is on cultivation not consumption. "
Yes and many companies here in Germany label their products to be GMO Free, which is very refreshing. Land Liebe dairy products place large notices on their butter and milk as being GMO free and they aren’t even organic. Monsanto and Syngenta have no power to stop them here in Germany, however that could always change.


The US Congress has become a pure joke. They no longer even pretend to do the people’s will.


Exactly, our congress and our government are now totally run by corporate America banking, oil, big pharmaceutical and wall street investment firms. It started with Reagan but I do clearly recall former VP Al Gore talking about how government should be run like a corporate business.


Well I certainly hope you are dead wrong, on the other hand the Scandinavian nations and Holland could follow the example of Scotland and Germany, Russia has banned all GMOs.


Check the terms of the TTIP where I would bet the corporate tribunerals would trump German law or even EU law.


Not at present. I was in the grocery store just yesterday and saw the usual “Ohne GMO” labels on some foods.