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Answering 'Resistance From All Sides,' Germany Moves to Ban GMO Crops


Yes, that would be all of the Constitution that also protects organic farmers.

If the 4th Amendment doesn’t prevent Congress from seizing the property of organic farmers and giving it to Monsanto, what does?

If the 1st Amendment doesn’t prevent Congress from adding label laws to stigmatize organic produce to benefit Big Ag, what does?

Consider a mandatory label on organic produce that reads: MADE WITH ANIMAL MANURE, MAY CONTAIN FECAL PATHOGENS There is greater justification for such warnings on organic produce than there is for a label that reads PRODUCED WITH GENETIC ENGINEERING. The former has an evidence-based rationale directly related to consumer health (though it may not be the best way for government to accomplish its aims - better regulation of raw manure is the obvious solution).

Vermont is almost certainly going to lose the court case on GMO labels. Their new law will be rejected for the same First Amendment reasons given by the courts in 1996 over VT’s mandatory label on rBGH milk.


Bravo, Berlin! German government has not unlearnt hearing reason. The matter is that over 70% of Americans have already rejected GMOs
And such agrochemical giant as Monsanto has had to direct its eyes to Europe. Moreover, soon we may meet face to face with the danger to open EU door for toxic GMOs through extending trade with Ukraine
Thus, Germany and Scotland should not be alone in moving to ban GMO in Europe!