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Answers Demanded Following Fatal Shooting of Homeless Man by LAPD


Answers Demanded Following Fatal Shooting of Homeless Man by LAPD

Jon Queally, staff writer

The fatal shooting of a homeless man by Los Angeles Police Department officers on Sunday that was caught on video is spurring outrage in California and around the country with criticism focused on why deadly force was necessary given the number of officers on the scene and reports which indicate the man, who witnesses said suffered from mental illness, did not have a weapon, at least when the altercation began.


“To protect and serve”


It is a shame how human life can de discarded so easily.I saw the original video,and it shows a lot more police intimidation of bystanders and you can hear a man that taped the incident yelling at the police .I find it hard to believe that they were responding to a bank robbery,It looks to me like another bunch of excuses by the LA PD to get away wirh the killing of a human being that could so easily be subdued by 6 police officers.I`m the father of 2 police officers and they would never approve of these behavior,Sure I know very well that it is a dangerous job.That is why the training is needed.


Call it what it is. Murder Inc.
I saw the flick on The Guardian…it was murder, clear and simple. And the cops…they were bullies using lead to teach the poor guy a lesson. The cops there are the mentally ill.


Seems the police in the United States need to go observe how other “first world” nations manage to deal with unarmed civilians without use of deadly force. Resorting to shooting seems to be the “go-to” of choice anymore, regardless of provocation or appropriateness.


like maggots on a dead body. the only difference is they’re dressed in blue, and overdosed on testosterone, all a by-product of that sick gun-badge-god syndrome. it’s a small step in the right direction, but suspending for six months, without pay, any officer(s) who shoot unarmed citizens should be mandatory, across the board, from sea to shining sea. they’ll think twice about pulling that goddam trigger when they realize they’re no better than the rest of us.


They should have had a net. That’s all they would have needed – each corner is grabbed by a cop and then they move in on him, bundling him up without significant force.


Exactly. Respect for the brave ones that protect and serve. Condemnation and justice for those that are afraid and shoot first, ask questions later. Where is the training? Where is the punishment for those that needlessly take others’ lives?

Congratulations on raising your children well.


Looks like the pasce of the murders by the police hasn’t changed at all despite Furgesson, New York and Florida high profile killings. The fasciest elites police state at display all over the US i don’t know what moe has to happen before the people revolt against the power elite.


Unfortunately its not just the psycho cops the orders come fron much higher ups in the fasciest elte line of command, that’s the nerve senter we the people must work on.


They sure were good at it during "Occupy."


Hasn’t yelling “drop the gun” before you shoot an unarmed citizen become part of official training in militarized police depts?

Let me guess, no video will emerge showing the man has a gun, but the claim by the police will be entered into the grand jury testimony by a “prosecutor”.

ooops! Sorry unite, I meant for this post to be a remark in the main comments section not a reply to you


Can’t we do both? Can’t we walk and chew gum at the same time.

“Drop that gum!” Bang!


This is the new brutal power paradigm of Empire coming home, and those who will profit from a caged society observe it approvingly. It is terrifying.


It is hard to imagine how a homeless man’s tent could be confused with a bank. Things must be worse in California than when I visited last.


The 'first world" is a long way in space and time from Skid Road. It ain’t Bellaire.


Most US Law Enforcement Agencies have devolved into doing whatever they can get away with. It’s a national tragedy which cannot be fixed except to disband the above-the-law soldier culture evident in all of them and instead put faith in the local block level as is done in the islands I live in. Instead of shooting people with a Super-Trooper, in the very happy island culture, local unarmed elders (Barangay Captains) work out 90 percent of confrontations and conflicts for months before any cops or courts are even allowed to get involved.

It’s a much better way. But of course, it doesn’t provide a private-prison growth opportunity for Cold Wall Street corporations and other rehab and charm-school leeches off the US Taxpayer.

Fire all Centralized, Mobilized Law Enforcement and transfer authority to unarmed town Elders (who are elected by local block residents) and who know the individuals by first name and can calm them down before a SuperCitizen shows up to excercize the new American Robocop instant justice mantra.

US Militarized Law Enforcement is now Judge, Jury and Executioner all rolled up into one hot-headed Roman Centurian who has the authority to put anyone who complains on a cross.

It’s an unacceptable violation of the US Constitution and right now, the Cop Culture in the USA is so poison with corruption and coverups, the only solution is to liquidate the whole thing and start over with a local model like I described.