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Anthony Bourdain—'As Honest and Fearless in His Words as He Was in His Travels'—Dead at 61 From Apparent Suicide


Anthony Bourdain—'As Honest and Fearless in His Words as He Was in His Travels'—Dead at 61 From Apparent Suicide

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Celebrated chef, television host, and writer Anthony Bourdain—whose global travels brought an American audience perspectives on the food and political climates of Laos, Africa, the occupied Gaza Strip, and other distant cultures that are rarely depicted on major television networks—has died of apparent suicide at the age of 61.


Thanks to Jake Johnson for an obituary that focuses on the essential political character of Bourdain, a profoundly human trait that elevates him above the billions of mediocre pissants that now control and inhabit the globe disguising themselves as human beans.

Anthony Bourdain Présente!


The things I remember most about Anthony Bourdain is that he made me think, feel, and salivate. RIP oh provocative one.


Yes. He brought many of us closer to the many facets of the importance of food in our lives (as obvious as that may sound). I remember him interviewing a famous Spanish chef and the chef responded to a cooking question with (paraphrasing): "Cooking is not about creating great plates, it is about developing processes that consistently produce great plates).

This was after they’d had a long conversation over food (the chef cooked it of course) and much to drink somewhere along a Spanish coast. There was so much more than the food, but it was always about the food.

And there is this: I remember a coked-out Bourdain yelling at his line cooks, humiliating them, in one of his restaurants. Humanity has many facets. Some of them unbearable ugly.


Through the hierarchy of food and synergy, he did more to bring cultures together. I’m brought to tears and overwhelmed with sadness. In this insane world of anger hate and violence, his presence was truly needed and the void he leaves will be hard to fill if not impossible. Prayers to all he leaves behind to grieve him.


Ah, dear Tony, you will be missed, at least by this old gal. Your point of view shined through every episode of your many series. You astutely drew the direct line from food and people to our shared humanity; cooking, eating and talking story with each other.
Yes, you will be missed.


I only remember his delight in the suffering of animals to satisfy his palate. Regardless of the cultural context, there is a reality to this suffering and torture that cannot be denied nor condoned.


My best guess is that Anthony wouldn’t want you to feel sorry for him. He would want you to feel sorry you weren’t him. Not in the current physical sense. But, in the vicarious sense. And, he’s not being a dick about that. Though, he could be one, occasionally.
Remember what he said, " you can go where he goes, you just can’t do exactly what he does ". Implying his personal relationships are not yours.
So, fellow travelers, make your own and share them with folks over a great meal. Booz and dope is optional, of course.


Anthony moved on to the ultimate, “Parts Unknown” and left us to starve or fend for our own culinary and cultural adventures.

He was America’s unbiased, authentic cultural ambassador to the world.


Examples please. You’ve made me curious as I’m not familiar with


wow how sad a person that you think as it all has to do this . It is to bad that he or anybody in this state of mind does not get the help they need.


I’ll bet it was homicide. I tend to not believe it when good reporters or holistic doctors suddenly commit suicide. Either that or he was on anti-depressant meds because the side effect for so many are suicidal thoughts.


He was truly a global citizen and well traveled man versed in many cultures. He will be missed.


A terrible loss for all indeed, Bourdain was a great character with an open and insatiable mind. I watched him evolve over the years and news of his suicide is a gut-punch it’s difficult to deal with. I feel like I knew him.


I am really saddened by this - his work to advance the understanding of people different than ourselves left me in awe. It is difficult to comprehend how a person who seemed to enjoy life so much could end his own.


Bourdain was a crypto-fascist loser who thought animal torture was hilarious and who disparaged and insulted vegetarians every chance he got. He was also a gutless puke who for all his millions couldn’t find a reason to stay alive for his 11-year-old child.
To hell with Anthony Bourdain.


I wouldn’t agree with “unbiased”, but that was a great part of his persona. He had the guts and smarts to take positions and fight for them in the stultifying realm of foodies, helping to open it up to the rest of us.


Warm, thoughtful. Nice comment.


Thank You.


How about an article about the millions of Americans who struggle either with their finances or health most of their lives and yet still choose life?