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Anthony Bourdain: The Last Gasp of CNN's Original Vision


Anthony Bourdain: The Last Gasp of CNN's Original Vision

Sam Husseini

CNN began with the slogan, articulated by its founder Ted Turner: “The news is the star.”

That has long since ceased to be a reflection of what CNN does. Despite promoting itself with its dubious “facts first” slogan, the network endlessly touts its celebrity pundits and anchors: Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, Christiane Amanpour, Fareed Zakaria, et al. The view of the world that they depict is what the viewer needs to understand—not the world itself.


“There’s a hunger among regular people in the US for the unvarnished realities of the rest of the world, and major media are serving up precious little to feed it.”

There is a ravenously addictive hunger for mindless entertainment that supersedes any serious world view, however. Dealing such entertainment is how the soap is sold. What time is the big game? Who killed J.R.? What is Oprah going to give away today? …


I’m simultaneously saddened and pissed at Anthony Bourdain.

Saddened and somewhat empathetic regarding his choice to move on to the ultimate, “Parts Unknown.”

Pissed that he left me here starving for the delicious scraps of the authentic world with now no one to plate them.

RIP - Anthony Bourdain

You will be missed like a beautiful, fragrant weed amongst the suburban manicured lawns of the media world.


Perhaps Bourdain’s demise was a homicide, not a suicide ?


Some people are just too well to live in this world. See you on the other side Bourdain.


I beg to differ.
I’d like to remind everyone of two things. First, it was CNN that began covering war like it was a sports event. Their ratings shot up as they promoted operation desert storm and secretly prayed for the next carpet bombing of brown people to show in a constant loop in their 24/7 coverage of the carnage.
And second, lets us not come to praise Bourdain, but to bury him. This was a spoiled rich white man who always had enough money to pay for his ample transgressions and constantly reinvent himself as a more marketable commodity to the average cable tv consumer. In the end he was a self centered prick who, despite having an 11 year old child and other people that counted on him, took his own life.


That thought does come to mind whenever a good person like him dies yet the evil people still live. Maybe he just was crushed by the state of the world. In either case we lost someone who cannot be replaced.


Anthony Bourdain’s programs were split about 50/50 between fine and business dining and tasty food cart fare. Or, great local, regional and national dishes served in casual settings in mini-bio-regions and unique niches of nature. He also went into people’s homes as a guest, into their working farms and small businesses and dingy shops. Places you’ll never be invited into, btw. So, find your own way under the stars and send postcards and phone videos. We’re hear waiting.
Other than Bourdain was a pouty fishing companion and poor fisherman in general, the hundreds of episodes he produced were generally above average, to great travel guide journalism. He was casually profane, cynical, sometimes in the tank from drinking and, like most people on a long vacation into excessive food and over-consumption. But he was at his real job, as well. Unless watching TV and being a paid critic is your chosen career, you weren’t.
Nobody is cutting Mr. Bourdain any slack for what he did to his daughter. Or, to possibly hundreds of people who were around his business and life. That was a real parting shit sandwich, in some ways. But it isn’t going to negate his entire body of work, either. P.S. You could of always watched something else, ya’ know.


CNN made its name by striking a deal to limit its reporting in order to embed reporters in the US military during the so-called “Desert Storm” attacks on Iraq.

Any CNN “vision” worthy of mourning would have been facade or hallucination.


So, complicated negotiations with DoD, NATO allies and the minor MSM news organizations is a non-starter? It was 15 years ago, right?
Why don’t you critique FOX. I’m ready to hear their punishment for a conservative version of Anthony Biurdain. Oh, they don’t have one?
Have you thought about creating a food-centered travel series around Trump’s foreign policies? I’d watch you go to S. Africa or Ghana dressed in a white robe and call your hosts " p.o.s.'s living in a shithole country ". Millions would, I’m sure.