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Anti-Abortion Activists Charged Over Infamous Planned Parenthood Videos


Anti-Abortion Activists Charged Over Infamous Planned Parenthood Videos

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Two anti-abortion activists who secretly recorded Planned Parenthood conversations were charged with 15 felonies on Tuesday, with California prosecutors saying they violated state law by filming medical providers without their consent.


Go California!!

And everybody keep an eye on the misrepresentative leadership as they redesign attacks on health care in general and PP in particular.


"The heavily edited footage purported to show Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted fetal tissue..." So my question to the antiabortion mob: Why edit? This idea follows a known faux argument called 'Attack the Argument". Basically the person/persons have no choice but to take parts and pieces out of context and make their defense. Very common. When someone has to dice up what someone says, they are looking to 'win'the argument. Any REAL argument will provoke thought, not only an emotional response. The argument for abortion had been concluded arounf 520 BC. The answer, its a woman's choice. The funny thing is that it was male philosophers that made that conclusion, those darned ole men treating women like humans , AAAARRRGGG! So any debate on abortion will forgoe any history and will always be chopped up to create an emotional response, giving up the critical ability to think. Its a woman's choice.


Senator King (R-IA) is crying in his beer with this news. Mr. anti-woman himself.

This is GREAT news...sad that it took so long for justice to prevail.