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Anti-Austerity Candidate Corbyn: Tony Blair Could Face War Crimes


Anti-Austerity Candidate Corbyn: Tony Blair Could Face War Crimes

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn, a left-wing MP who's leading the polls, said that former Prime Minister Tony Blair could possibly face war crimes for his involvement in the Iraq war.


For this alone, he’ll get a huge boost in popularity. And if he’s elected and that’s all he achieves, at least the UK would have drawn a line under that chapter and moved on.


This is big. He already had my support weeks ago. Corbyn is not your ‘business-as-usual’ type of politician. He has principles, something sadly lacking in the duplicitous behaviour of too many people in the Parliamentary Labour Party.

What bothers me is this. Whilst the number of people in this country who were horrified at the rush to war against Iraq in 2003 is likely to be a huge, but mostly silent majority, there are too many people in positions of power that will stop at nothing to eliminate him from public life. Be prepared for a sustained smear campaign. I shall do my best to ignore it. Jeremy Corbyn is a breath of fresh air, and connected to the people. I hope he stays that way.


In the UK, like the USA, when did polls or elections have anything to do with justice? It’s not like we’re guided by the rule of law or anything even remotely like that.

War crimes were committed by all involved: Blair, Bush, Cheney, etc. They will never, ever be brought to justice.


That would mirror the successful demonisation and failed attempts to prosecute George Galloway.


I can hope.


I hope, too. Justice is out there. We have to stay clear-headed enough to see what can be done on the local level. On the national level… hopeless.


Yes… that Chilcot inquiry seems like a committee sitting forever to decide whether or not a broken window was indeed broken or was maybe manufactured as a bunch of glass shards. Why so long to state the bloody obvious? We know the lies were all over the media before the war even got going.


As President Obama said yesterday, the same people who pushed the Iraq invasion with massive lies are trying to do the same with Iran. Their “shock and awe” set up Iran as a regional power. Now they want to do the same thing again. They all have the mind-set of war criminals and have learned nothing.


Blair will no more likely face charges than Bush or, for that matter, any of the miscreants in the latter’s “administration.”


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It would indeed be nice to see justice being served, for a change.


Wouldn’t it just?