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Anti-Austerity Protest Brings 150,000 to the Streets of London


Anti-Austerity Protest Brings 150,000 to the Streets of London

- Common Dreams staff

A protest calling on David Cameron to resign has brought more than 150,000 people onto the streets of London on Saturday afternoon.

The March for Health, Homes, Jobs and Education was organized by activist group the People's Assembly Against Austerity. The demonstrators called for an end to austerity, and demanded that David Cameron quit over the Panama Papers revelation that he profited from his father's offshore investment fund.


150,000 people onto the streets

That is a profound presence. The austerity in Britain is the same as it is here in the USA. All of the cutbacks to our schools and public services could be paid if the elite paid their fair share in taxes.

The revolution will not be televised (Gil Scott Heron).


Fundamentally I see no logical reason there should be people deemed as rich while others deemed poor.


whats the story behind the BBC blacking out the coverage? I honestly do not expect the BBC to do anything other than support the govt...but what happened here?


Former Murdock employee, friend of Cameron and part time Tory spin doctor, James Harding, was appointed head of BBC news and given a £340,000 a year salary, that's what happened here.


Because the wealthy own and control the news in most nations, coverage of events will be very slanted or fail to get any coverage. We had the same situation in the USA with the Occupy movement, which the corporate press ridiculed or ignored. Now the Democracy Spring movement gets minimal coverage on the mainstream outlets, and the reporting that does occur stresses the arrests rather than the reasons for the rallies.


We are all visitors on this lovely planet that provides us everything we need. In Libya, under Gaddhafi, housing was considered a human right. That seems so enlightened for an evil dictator who had do be killed mercilessly by the USA and France. He wanted to bring water to his people, so Hillary made sure we bombed the irrigation system. This is why we can't have nice things. Rich and poor is a construct that serves to isolate the rich and cater to their needs leaving a majority that serves the minority. Wars of Imperialism, like what happened in Libya is more of what we'll see under a Killary Residency and austerity will rule the land because there is only money for endless wars and not the needs of the people. She can't even support $15 an hour. Vote Bernie for a moral economy!!


Queen Hillary- Emperess would be dis-asterous.. She would not only drive more foreign wars of destruction, but would also drive the collapse and destruction of this country. Just as a Black Hole in space draws everything to it and eventually collapses so would a Hillary Presidency draw all global resources to the Black Hole of immense gravity to Wash DC to the white house.
We need a new path a new way....


Both Clintons and both Bushes should be in jail.


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being an expat Brit I am kind of out of the loop, did ITV or Channel 4 cover it?


The elite class in the US starting with Reagan have been rerouting their tax liability onto the working people. It is all too easy to require all employers to deduct federal, state, social security and Medicare taxes right out of our paychecks. Similar requirements don't exist for corporations, they get to deduct for all their experiences and only pay taxes on profits. Unsatisfied with the arrangements the rich have altered our tax and bankruptcy laws to reduce their burden but still not satisfied they cheat and dodge paying taxes in fraudulent practices, I.e forming fictitious corporate entities, moving capital abroad, relocating businesses and making false claims. By bribing our corrupt elected officials especially the ones from southern states corporations and the ultra rich have successfully forced austerity measures down our throats to basically eliminate their tax payments telling us that they are "job creators" hence not subject to taxation. In practice however they have proven to be nothing more than common thieves that should be prosecuted for all manner of egregious crimes against the people of this country.
Similar plans have been ported over to Europe especially harsh methods have been applied to East and Southern Europe by neocons and Zionists in charge.


Huh? Maybe it's because some people actually ARE rich while others (most others) actually ARE poor! Or were you being sarcastic and I didn't get it?


No I get it. I am asking as to why we need such a system in place. What GOOD does it do a society as a whole?

The system that is in place is one by design. It is not a requirement.


This austerity crap is just another conspiracy by the government and wealthy elite to impoverish the People.

Bring on the revolution.


I don't know as I don't watch much tv news and when I do I flip about between Al Jazeera, Russia Today and BBC. I've noticed the BBC get progressively more pro-Tory, anti-Labour, especially anti-Corbyn (as though they have specific instructions to put the boot in on him at any opportunity, some of the reports being quite ridiculous) since Harding took over. The BBC is under threat from the Tory government who want to make it a private concern, scrap the licence fee and introduce advertisments, so they may be on the back foot. They are often left leaning as regards so called liberal social values, gay rights, PC matters, disability rights, equal opportunities and so on, yet specifically politically, economically, towing the government line and foreign policy they are definitely pro-Tory.


ok thanks for the responses - it looks like little has changed about the BBC...token stuff for anti establishment but in the main they toe the party line


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