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Anti-BDS Laws Challenged as Unconstitutional After Speech Pathologist Loses Job at Texas School for Refusing to Sign Pro-Israel Pledge


Anti-BDS Laws Challenged as Unconstitutional After Speech Pathologist Loses Job at Texas School for Refusing to Sign Pro-Israel Pledge

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Texas officials are facing an onslaught of criticism after a speech pathologist lost her job at an elementary school for refusing to sign a pro-Israel pledge mandated by state law—a case that has cast a spotlight on efforts to neutralize the global Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement, which opposes Israel's oppression and slaughter of Palestinians.


Make no mistake about it. This law is intended as a test case to finally bring about a ‘loyalty test’ for citizens to sign before getting a job, home, school admittance etc.


Shout it even louder: BDS! BDS! BDS!


And we’re supposed to get all flustered about RUSSIAN interference in our internal affairs, while Israel and AIPAC call the shots???

Oy vey!

(worst of all is that some Federalist Society sophist is likely to uphold this travesty)


TODAY, call your Representative and two Senators and tell them NOT to include such anti-BDS language in the budget bill!

I also called Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office to leave that message.

Both Democrats and Republicans are all too willing to toe the AIPAC line for fear of being challenged in primaries by an AIPAC-$upported candidate.


Note that this action is by a single courageous individual while hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of people signed these blatantly unconstitutional documents and said nothing. Where are the unions on this?

We know where the politicians are – in all factions of both wings of the Duopoly – and the Blue Wave is nowhere to be found. They have more select committees and “key appointments” to fight for while human rights, constitutional rights and international law are all drowned by a tsunami of Tweets.



We need a law that says dual citizens cannot hold elected public office without forever renouncing their dual citizenship.


Pflugerville is in Travis County, Texas. That’s a suburban enclave of Austin, Texas. Ya’ know, the most progressive part of The Lone Star State and …well; let’s just say this is the state we should look to for progressive policies and leaders for the future of our beloved country. Yeehah!
Gee willikers, by gumm, come to think on it we got two of these fine examples of progressive Texas leaders going to run for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 2020.
The first question these two fine examples of Texas statesmenship should be asked on foreign policy is, " Do you support your own state’s law regarding the loyalty oath requirement as it relates to the Pro-Israel Pledge? Yes or no, please?
The second question should be, " How can you swear on a Bible to uphold and defend the Constitutional protections guaranteed every citizen and not be trying to have this state law nullified and/or challenged in Federal Court right now? "
The third question would be, of course, " Will you be taking campaign contributions from any individual or PAC which supports laws like this; which are obviously loyalty oaths sworn to another country, other than the United States? "
Just askin’ where this all ends, Joe McCarthy…er, I mean Ronnie Reagan…er, I mean John Wayne?
26 States? Unbelievable, where’s the damn MSM?


The MsM is breathlessly reporting that the release of documents from the Mueller hearings showed that 44 Twitter accounts that have some 600000 followers MAY be the Accounts of Russian Citizens and their tweets MAY have influenced whom those 600000 followers voted for.

They claim that Social Media trolls that were posting about Sexual addictions MAY have used the information they gathered from people with Addictions who responded to the same to Blackmail those people into voting for a certain candidate.

The report also reports that the Russians MAY have suggested that the US Mainstream media could not be trusted to report accurately on the news and that these Russians were extolling the Virtues of Wikileaks and Jullian Assange.


What really got my attention was how many states have this utter crap law on the books.
Including mine, MN.
This is absolutely over the damn top.


I thought these Russian scalawags MAY have targeted younger black voters; with false accounts, narratives and articles, websites which were also erroneously attributed to BLM and even " phonied up " local news stations, among many others. I just want my vote counted and my private information ( papers ) to be secured at home. That’s asking too much anymore, though.
It’s getting so you can’t trust your own wet finger to tell you which way the wind blows.


Yeah, but let’s talk about Russian meddling…


Time to talk about this country’s losing it’s sovereignty to Israel.


That’s already happening.


Yeah, this is the first time I heard of this loyalty pledging to Israel, and this cancer is already so far spread. I smell the work of ALEC.


I pray this lady sues and takes this to the SCOTUS.


call your Rep in congress ??? Ha Ha Ha , are you serious ? AIPAC owns congress !


ALEC? That’s an odd linking for AIPAC and the anti-BDS crowd of Evangelical Texas Wackos. Very bold unless Schumer, Cardin and that bunch signed on to this risky move. Would the National Chamber of Commerce have the nerve to leave their fingerprints on something this controversial and vile? On all 25 other states, too?
Texas; where the loaves and fishes are served with a side of salty nuts and then they multiply miraculously, of course. Especially the nuts.


Before you run around painting all Jewish people with the same brush, check up on your facts and the impact of the noise you’re making. You’re spouting off in huge generalizations, and that’s not only a cognitive distortion, it’s also akin to a racist rant. Your post is offensive, and I flagged it.

Jewish Voice for Peace in this country and plenty of citizens and residents, including some in the military, of Israel disagree with AIPAC’s politics and with Nutenyahoo’s apartheid governmental practices toward Palestine.

If you go back and read any history, there have been many Jewish leaders for civil rights and for peace. Many have been journalists with courage to speak out against violations of human rights and of our own Constitution.


I’m not on board with the BDS movement, for reasons too lengthy to go into here. But I DO support everyone else’s right to join it if they so choose, and completely oppose the anti-BDS laws, which violate our Constitutional rights.