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Anti-Black Racism Exposed in Israel and the US


Anti-Black Racism Exposed in Israel and the US

Ajamu Baraka

“Ethiopian Israelis are demanding that Israeli society recognize that their “lives matter.”

Just as the announcement was being made that military forces were being withdrawn and the curfew on the black community lifted in Baltimore, images of another black rebellion exploded in social media and the airwaves of the world, this time from “democratic” Israel.


“As settler-colonial states that imposed themselves on indigenous populations, both projects required the development of a hierarchy of humanity in which the conquerors could justify land expropriation, displacement and dispersal, in the case of Israel, and genocide in the case of the U.S… as in all of the settler-colonial experiences during the era of European/Western colonization, the creation of race served as the basis for that stratification of humanity.”

“Black lives don’t matter in Israel or in the U.S. because Palestinian lives don’t matter, Yemeni lives don’t matter, Iraqi lives don’t matter, Syrian lives don’t matter, and even white working class lives don’t really matter, because all of these lives – this humanity – will be and is being sacrificed to maintain the dominance of an avaricious, criminal corporate / financial elite still centered in the capitals of the West. Israeli is just a colonial outpost in that continuum of global power.”

“… a choice has to be made between continued collaboration with the Western colonial/capitalist projects, or with authentic decolonization.”

Who, anywhere along the imposed racialized hierarchies of the societies of the settler and colonial states and the global economy they spawned, is willing / able to think through the depth of accountability and transformation of the political economy that is necessary for real decolonization? Who really “owns” land, wealth, privilege, on what basis? What would true accounting look like? Who would do it? How would land reform, wealth reform, and efforts at justice and reparations be carried out?

Props to Common Dreams for continuing to re-publish from Black Agenda Report, and thanks to Ajamu Baraka for going to the heart of the matter.


I think one of the things that needs to happen is get a grip on the lexicon of predatory capitalism sold as fundamental reality - which it is not - and start realizing that what it foments is a ‘company store’ mentality NOT a living economy. The latter exists DESPITE the predatory rape. Its smoke and mirrors - and nobody likes to admit they’ve been taken for a ride by the flashy trillion dollar sales pitches, while anything of any legitimacy is routinely sucked out - primarily time, love, food, clothing, shelter, societal generation of education that has meaning.
Whatever we are experiencing of an actual living economy would/will become very, apparent very fast and that cold shower might prove to the healthiest team exercise obstacle courses we’ve ever had to negotiate. Fortunately what are problems to the failed model are strengths to humanity.