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Anti-Choice GOP Doubles Budget for 'Witch-Hunt' Panel


Anti-Choice GOP Doubles Budget for 'Witch-Hunt' Panel

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In yet another sign that the war on women will ramp up under a Republican-controlled Congress and Trump administration, the U.S.


I suppose these people call themselves "pro-life" as they take away your medical
insurance and make you die homeless on the street.

Yeah, that's pro-life. I get the picture.


Well, maybe..just maybe..those on the New Left who maintain some modicum of intellectual honesty will be capable of admitting that "maybe this is how gun owners feel as their rights are 'regulated away'..".

The New Left hypocrisy on issues of 'choice' is staggering.

As an old school liberal who believes absolutely in Reproductive freedom as a critical form of AUTONOMY, I see the New Left and New Right engaged in identical assaults on personal liberty and privacy via the "Public/Private sector Partnership" and endless nightmare bureaucracy that simply "Encumbers to death" the ability of Americans to make choices.

But again..for me..civil liberties are my religion..to see the assault on the 2nd by the New Left as they simultaneously bemoan identical tactics by the Right is...sad.

Frankly too, the New Left is SO aggressive regarding 1st and 2nd Amendment "Encumbering" with actual calls at this time and even already..today..the passage of an actual "American Censorship Bill" that uses the defense department as its enforcer...well..it is the New Left that has replaced the evangelical Right as the social-political 'wedge' of the American cultural pie chart that is most willing, even determined, to 'COMPEL all others to live their lives according to New Left Cultural Dictates'..and this now includes "By Force If Necessary". That is the reality here.

Reciprocity folks. The code of good neighbors. If you WANT Privacy and Autonomy then you cannot turn around and take, take, take, take from others. That's called "Hypocrisy" and it is not a very convincing argument.


Rights of the unborn-sounds like a cult chant!


These total politicians just keep pounding this one wedge issue. But they won't investigate Trumps many, many conflicts of interest. They really need to remember what it felt like to be in the perpetual minority. Two years from now these maneuvers will be remembered by the majority of Americans when they head to the election, mad as hell.
That's right, Obama had a mandate, Republicans don't and Obama lost the house and senate ultimately. They need to remember how short two years are if they want their seat in an office and how pissed everyone is already.


Unless the right wing can fix enough elections by then.


Just one paragraph at Mediamatters.org that quotes an LA Times article about this atrocity:

“The select panel was formed in October 2015 after the anti-choice group Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released a series of deceptively edited videos targeting Planned Parenthood and fetal tissue procurement companies. In the past year, CMP’s deceptive videos have been consistently debunked while multiple state investigations have cleared Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing. Meanwhile, CMP and its founder David Daleiden have been indicted for fraud by a grand jury in Houston, TX, have been subject to several lawsuits, and have had their work soundly rejected by multiple judges and journalists.”

This paragraph has numerous embedded links. https://mediamatters.org/stories-and-interests/select-investigative-panel-infant-lives


Ya got to pay those who brought you to the dance.


The phrase is dance with who brung ya. Not pay them.


This is 2017 and it fits our purchasing of political legislation