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Anti-Choice Republicans Likely to Ignore Key Reason for Abortion Rate Decline


Anti-Choice Republicans Likely to Ignore Key Reason for Abortion Rate Decline

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Improved contraceptive use was a major factor in the just-revealed U.S. abortion rate decline, but Republican attempts to gut critical healthcare programs could reverse those gains, experts warned Tuesday.


Just like a Republican to take credit where credit is NOT due. The topic of teaching contraceptive use as a part of health class in school really should also be mentioned. Awareness of contraceptives and how to use them plays no small role in people's choice to use them. Also, family planning clinics in public health depts that provides contraceptives also plays a large role in people choosing to use contraceptives.


One must consider that Republicans are not interested in protecting lives, or in reducing the size or scope of government. Their agenda re abortion, and birth control has a single, secret goal: abstinence.


The GOP's antiquated and stupid views on contraception and abortion demonstrate how ideologically driven are their policies and how lacking in reason and facts. They are an abomination we will have to live with until 2018 when we might gain in an election, but don't count on it as the democrats are so bad at framing issues, as per the recent election that saw the most qualified candidate defeated by a jerk and the Dems only gained 2 senate seats.


..But how shall Trump make America great again if people totally comply with the Republican secret goal of abstinance and no babies are born at all? To maintain the economy even more immigration would become necessary.


Abstinence is a narrowly held goal. IMO, the reason there is money behind the abstinence alibi is that the unavailability of prescribed birth control pills and devices in the presence of intact anti-abortion laws increases the incidence of financially stressed parents who must accept whatever employment conditions that are offered to them. That means widespread low-wage employment conditions. I suspect this is the real reason there is not much financial support for modern birth control methods for the international poor. Desperate people make no demands for just employment compensation and conditions. Desperate workers are the 1%'s best friend, always have been such that their availability has been ensconced as a given and just what workers deserve......and therefore keeps everyone in their proper places.......It is not simply unjust; it criminally threatens to imprison working people within very narrow horizons. It helps to perpetuate the idea that only the brilliant or driven deserve to escape narrow horizons. That's an unnecessarily cruel perspective on life given how comfortably the 1% live. There's no real rational reason for it. It's not just horrendously selfish, but an ignorant shutting down of a massive swath of people who if afforded just and broad horizons of growth and enrichment would enrich us all. What we get with what we've got is the likes of Donald J. Trump, brought up to believe thinking like a "killer" is how to succeed, his father's philosophy. His brother didn't fit the mold and died relatively young. I can't remember for sure if it was a suicide. It wasn't physical disease, but a likely outgrowth of Trump Senior's brutish outlook. In short, abstinence has next to nothing to do with denying insured birth control. If abstinence were the true objective, they might be able to model the skill by abstaining from mendacity and brutal selfishness, but I have no expectation of that performance.


Abstinence and control


Yes, absolutely. There's a direct link between anti-sexuality and authoritarianism. Wilhelm Reich wrote about it in The Mass Psychology of Fascism.

And although r0z3r1vtr has it right that pressure on workers is a function of repression of abortion and contraception, it doesn't mean it's the purpose.

And in addition, as s/he hints at, it's projective identification, in which those who think of themselves as elite not only project their failure and other qualities on others, they then take actions that make their projections come true, at least superficially.