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Anti-Climate World Leaders Keep Losing Their Jobs



Someone tell Chris Hedges! The democracies of the world should not be counted out just yet. People learn and grow and if given half a chance they choose to do the right thing over the wrong thing most of the time.

Sanders would be our turn to vote in a climate friendly leader.


This is definitely a plus when it comes to the upcoming climate meeting in Paris. The removal of any obstacle to an acceptable agreement is good news. You would think that because of the existential threat climate change poses that it wouldn't make that much difference whether countries elected a liberal or conservative leader when it comes to fighting climate change but clearly it matters a lot in some countries such as Canada, Australia, and United States.


Great point. Had Harper won it would have sent the opposite message.


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Don't fool yourselves that Abbott lost his position because the Liberal Party of Australia had a "road-to-Damascus moment" about anthropogenic global heating. He lost his job because the Liberal Party of Australia knew that Turnbull was the better salesman with better speaking skills and a nicer haircut and smile. Australian voters are still unthinking idiots, most of them, and are bought by style irrespective of substance as the Liberal Party well knows.