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Anti-corruption Bill #HR1 Can Fix the US’ Broken Democracy

Anti-corruption Bill #HR1 Can Fix the US’ Broken Democracy

Adam Eichen

Recently, the House of Representatives passed the most significant democracy reform bill in generations: The For The People Act (HR 1).

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Asking this Senate, and this president to approve an Anti-Corruption Bill, is like asking a Sex Addict to be celebate.



“Because I get to decide what we vote on”

Rules of the Senate that make this possible are a violation of the spirit of the Constitution which provides for majority rule in the Senate. Mitch McConnell has no problem with abusing the constitution if he can get away with it.

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Odd that the author leaves out mention of how HR1 cements the 2-party farce into place. Either that or he thinks two parties are plenty. From Bruce Dixon’s April 4 post at the Black Agenda Report:

“The latest legislative tweak aimed at kneecapping the Green Party was buried in the Democrats HR1, a provision that raised the amount Green presidential candidates needed to raise per state to qualify for matching funds from $5000 in small donations from each of 20 states to $25,000 in 20 states was endorsed and voted for by supposed socialist Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and every other Democrat in the House of Representatives. Curiously none of the so-called progressive Democrats, nobody in the media, in civil rights industrial complex, none of our friends in DSA and certainly not Tulsi Gabbard or even Bernie Sanders have ever bothered to mention this cynical and longstanding piece of voter suppression. These unjust legal barriers to third parties on the ballot are the main reason most US voters don’t get to see Green candidates on the ballot for state legislature, for governor or local offices, or for president.”

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HR-1 is nothing more than HR PuffnStuff.

It only passed the House because it will not get through the Senate and/or the president and has no chance of becoming law.

We have been doing things backwards for way too long. We let the politicians promise to do something in the future they have no intention of doing and we vote based on those promises.

It’s kind of like Wimpy from Popeye on steroids. Instead of promising to pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today the politicians promise to pass legislation on a Tuesday ten or twenty years from now they have no intention of passing in exchange for our votes for the next ten or twenty years.

This allows politicians to not take any action now and allows citizens to do the same by voting for them.

Citizens can take action now by registering at www.onedemand.org that they will only vote for small donor candidates in 2020.

A small donor candidate only accepts total contributions from an individual ion the amount of 200 dollars or less per campaign (200 primary, 200 general).

Citizens can also pledge at the website to contribute to small donor candidates. This money will be contributed DIRECTLY from the participants to the candidates and NOT thorough the organization so participants control who they support and to relieve the organization for the responsibility for all that money.

Just 10% of presidential election cycle voters pledging 100 dollars in contributions to small donor candidates would total over 1 billion dollars.

If 10% of voters make this pledge by January 2020 (it could happen sooner), there would be many candidates that would make the commitment to run a small donor campaign to get some of that money and the votes that go with it.

A candidate like Bernie could make the commitment and should be able to get 5% of voters to commit about 100 dollars to his primary campaign which would raise over 500,000 million dollars for his primary campaign.

If a candidate that makes this commitment can’t get 5% of voters to contribute 100 dollars to their campaign they don’t deserve to be president and we don’t deserve to have small donor candidates or deserve to have the big money out of politics.

If you keep voting for big money candidates you will keep getting big money legislators and empty promises.

Demand better. And demand that the politicians take action now to EARN our votes rather than voting based on empty promises for action sometime in the future.

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