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'Anti-Corruption Crusader' Zephyr Teachout Nabs NY Primary Win


'Anti-Corruption Crusader' Zephyr Teachout Nabs NY Primary Win

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Bold progressive and "anti-corruption crusader" Zephyr Teachout sailed to victory Tuesday night, nabbing the Democratic nomination for New York's 19th Congressional District.

"Together we’re going to take back our democracy from the powerful interests and lobbyists who want to keep us out," Teachout declared in a statement, just after the vote was called. With most precincts in the district reporting, Teachout emerged with a enormous 74-26 victory over rival Will Yandick.


Zephyr, I am blown away by your cause!!!


Congrats to Zephyr - one of the critical progressive voices we must support!

And while we're at it - our sounding-board, Common Dreams, needs our support as well as Zephyr. Times are tight, but think where we would be without the real news and perspective we get from CD. Think where we would go to put our two-cents into the mix - to influence and learn.
If we can get lots of people to contribute a small amount to CD, like Bernie's campaign, we could make this work - for everyone.
I just contributed, I hope you will as well!


This is how we will win. One election at a time. This is great news and shows we can beat them at their own game. For now, until we can get the money out of politics we need to support both Common Dreams and each progressive candidate that runs. If we put all of us behind each progressive I think we can win. It may take time but our time is coming, one way or the other.
Go Bernie


She is running in a district that usually goes Republican. It will not be easy to win. She may need to move closer to NYC to get into Congress.


She's in New York. She might want to win. She might think those are issues that will make victory next to impossible. I don't know. Just sayin.


Wall Street money against the peoples' money. If all who gave to Bernie's campaign continues to give to these down ticket progressives, we CAN win. THEY have deep pockets but we have the numbers. THEY are going to be spread so thin, all their money will mean nothing in the long run. Force them to spend in every city and every county in every state. Even THEY have their limits. Combine that with all kinds of people/democracy ballot measures and law suits and we will send them running back to their board rooms in utter defeat.


Tim Canova / DWS primary in FLA, August 30, 2016.


I'm from the opposite coast, so therefore know very little about NYC politics and less of NY State politics, but I'm wondering if the Dem Party establishment will even help Zephyr Teachout in the general election. The Dem Party has been known to sabotage the more progressive candidate in the primary, so that in the general election the voters go ahead and vote for the Republican candidate instead of the DINO the Dem Party supports. Of course either way the voters go in the General Election the Dem Party can be sure an establishment candidate will win so it's still a "win" for the Dem Party.

Zephyr Teachout has upended things by winning in the primary, but the Dem party can withhold money, voter lists etc. She may well have to rely on support from outside the Dem party, not at all a bad thing, Bernie showed us it could be done! The other concern is that the Dem party will try to sabotage Zephyr because they'd rather have the Republican. I looked up John Faso briefly on Wikipedia. He will be Zephyr's opponent in the General Election and he has supported charter schools and is currently being backed by two hedge fund guys. Sounds like someone the Democratic Party establishment would love.


I already give monthly to Commondreams as I have for years. But I gave extra to keep them alive as a beacon of hope, news and info against the Obamabots and Hillary Clintons Corporate agenda of endless Wars and Corporate domination...
Great job Commondreams!
I send your links to many others!


Will Hillary be out there campaigning for her?


More than likely that is answered as a big NEGATIVE!!! Many on Wall Street have already told The Clintons in no uncertain terms, published on a mainstream political website, that if H i LIE LIE a r y wants Elizabeth Warren as "their vice-presidential nominee" then Wall Street Dollars will disappear faster than dead progressive heros do from the textbooks here in Texas. It is not called The Gawd Almighty Dollar for nothing!


As a Texan I can only look to Common Dreams and a couple of other websites along with a select few politicians such as Bernie Sanders to inform me of other Progressives such as Ms. Teachout. I have contributed a couple of dollars to her campaign and others in an attempt to have Progressive voices in Washington that, for the time being, will not be elected from either Wing Of Our One Party System from states like Texas. I am happy that the sell-out Democratic Party did not steal the primary election from Ms. Teachout.

So Progressives of New York have her back. Lest you, like some of my fellow Texas, wind up with your very own Gomer Pyle impersonator like Louie Gohmert serving as the local loon does Washington!


I seriously doubt Democracy Now is pulling punches, or otherwise being compromised by big money. Seriously. They have been one of the few voices of truth for a time and they've earned both respect and the benefit of the doubt. I certainly haven't noticed any radical departure from their usual critical voice.


No info on Bill Clinton's meeting with AG Lynch. And what I didn't know but now find out Hillary Clinton is expected to be interviewed by the FBI this weekend. And listening to MSNBC commentators say whats the big deal--its just Bill Clinton being friendly???????---I guess this will be buried with the three day weekend!