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Anti-Fracking Activists Celebrate Ruling Against Major Pipeline


Anti-Fracking Activists Celebrate Ruling Against Major Pipeline

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Environmentalists are celebrating a federal appeals court ruling on Friday that reaffirmed New York State's decision to block a 124-mile natural gas pipeline project.

"Today's ruling confirms the independent authority and responsibility of states to protect their waterbodies from natural gas pipelines that carve through and degrade critical watersheds."
—Moneen Nasmith, Earthjustice


John Hickenlooper, D-Governor of Colorado take note. The days of big oil and gas controlling politicians like yourself are coming to a close.


New York did block this pipeline but not the Algonquin pipeline which will carry fracked gas under the Hudson River very close to the Indian Point nuclear reactors. So far this pipeline continues to be built and if finished will send fracked gas from Pennsylvania through New York and New England and into Canada.


Its nice to see the courts injecting sanity into the world of the Oilagarchy.
However, wait until it gets to the Nazi controlled “Supreme” Court.
Pipelines 1, People 0, 5-4.
We’ve already seen this on several issues.
Until We the People reestablish control of our nation and government, that seems to be our future.
Wake up, People! We’re running out of time!


There is also this, after Trump bragged in his campaign that he was going to restore coal mines to their former “glory”:


Let’s hope that the rest of our states share NY’s good fortune.


I am highly disappointed that Stop The Pipeline and Anne Marie Garti, our fearless leader ,were not mentioned in this article. They were EXTREMELY instrumental in the stopping of this pipeline. IMHO, that pipe would have been in the ground pumping gas without their added dedication, hard work and compassion.