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Anti-Fracking Momentum Grows with Another People's Victory in California



Frack-Free Butte County should have prioritized helping Sanders win California over this "ban" that will be eliminated by Clinton's corporate tribunals after she pushes TPP and TTIP through.


Good luck with all these and any other action that will hamper The World Corporate United Cartel's ability to produce the highest return possible once we are blessed with the step to the future with the ratification of the TPP and the TIPP.


Agree. There is a disconnect here and throughout CA. Surprised and disappointed at how the degree to which voters there rejected Bernie. Think the announcement the day before the election about Hillary having enough delegates made some difference as so many Americans tend to jump on bandwagons, but it also made a difference how much the Dems in office supported her. Are they rationalizing support for Clinton by saying she will respect local decisions on such issues when many local decisions are invalidated by the Federal government? And she says she supports it "if it's done right." What a joke! What is the "right" way to completely pollute our water supplies?

Interesting to see this pass in Butte County though, which tends to vote Republican.

I'd like to add that here in Vermont, a fracking ban was passed several years ago. It was more symbolic than anything because, apparently, there is only one county where any natural gas worth extracting may exist. This ban was supported by most Dems in the state, including Governor Peter Shumlin. On the other hand, a natural gas pipeline is currently being built across the western side of Vermont, including near the shores of Lake Champlain. This has also been heavily supported by Governor Shumlin and a host of Dems (and Repubs, of course). The hypocrisy is breathtaking, really. Shumlin is also a superdelegate who committed long ago to....you'll never guess! Not one of Vermont's U.S. Senators, who won 86% of the vote in the Vermont primary, but "if it's done right" Hillary.

Really, aside from Bernie and a handful of other elected officials, they all make me want to vomit!


Many Butte County Republicans are almond, walnut and rice growers, all water intensive crops. The county's largest city, Chico, has had a serious ground water pollution problem ever since a WWII army base at the airport dumped solvents that seeped widely. There is a lot of motivation to minimize added water pollution.


There is revolution in the air. We hit 'em with local anti-fracking laws here in Colorado. Our Democrat governor, John Hickenlooper, sicked the state legal establishment on these four communities and got the local laws over turned. We're back this election with a state wide citizens' initiative to ban fracking in the whole state. It is sickening that these establishment politicians try and play it safe with their party politics, while throwing the safety of the state's citizens under the bus. Revolution is in the air and if we keep up the momentum through the Democrat convention we'll be on the way to taking back our country. Never felt so good since we took to the streets and stopped the Vietnam War. Feel the Bern. I am a long time registered democrat. As soon as this election is over I am out for good.


People like governor Brown and John McCain ought to take a moment of silence and dig deep into their waning conscience. With one leg in the grave they still cannot muster the courage to do something godly, positive and bold, something that will help heal our planet and our humanity. I guess they don't think about death and haven't grown past their juvenile level of consciousness.


As life-long partisans, Party group think trumps Brown's and McCain's personal legacy.

After Brown lost the nomination to Clinton in 1992 and McCain lost the nomination to Dubya in 2000, both men agreed to start drinking daily doses of their respective party's kool-aid.


I lived in California during Brown's first governorship forty years ago. As a moderate Democrat he was OK on most issues, and very good on things like transportation. California would be totally gridlocked today if Brown had not championed and launched state funded railroad operations by bucking the highway lobby, which included at least 80% of California elected officials.

Today Brown continues to be a moderate Democrat. Unfortunately the Party has shifted so far to the right in forty years that a moderate today bears little resemblance to a moderate of forty years ago.


Good to see you are choosing sanity.