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Anti-Muslim Event in Texas Ends in Gunfire, Two Deaths


Anti-Muslim Event in Texas Ends in Gunfire, Two Deaths

Jon Queally, staff writer

An exchange of gunfire outside a provocative anti-Muslim event in the Texas suburb of Garland on Sunday evening resulted in the death of two suspected gunmen, the injury of one security guard, and a firestorm of rhetoric over a controversial art contest which invited entrants to depict the Prophet Muhammad in competition for cash prizes.

As the New York Times reports:


If I had organized a mirror image of this event, offering cash for the best demeaning and irresponsible artistic depiction of Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, or some other right-winger, and that event had resulted in two deaths, or one, or no deaths but a cop shot in the ankle, the right wing would demand justice and I would be prosecuted. I suspect the right wing will not demand the prosecution of Geller.


Why in the heck was a SCHOOL DISTRICT hosting a HATE GROUP? Who the heck authorized that?!


On MSNBC, Mika and Joe did a very poor job this morning of reporting on this event, which clearly had nothing to do with war against free speech but rather with the war for stupidity.

Ono, Mika and Joe-- those commentatoes-- just couldn’t get the emphasis right. The other news sources I couldn’t avoid also gave a lot of information about the logistics of the shootings and the security. The first formula here is to dwell always on any peripheral subject, the dryer the better, to avoid the core.

To say that commentatoes everywhere and the potato-brain organizers were out of focus is the grossest of all possible understatement.

I guess if you are a person this stupid you try to identify some person’s religion and then something in the religion that you particularly don’t like or which you know is “sensitive” to the true believers and therefore you feel you must use as a goad.

There sure must be a lot of bullies in Texas on the playgrounds and everywhere else. Behold the wonderful results they bring about!


A “controversial” anti-Muslim event? Totally the wrong word. An utterly stupid and needless anti-Muslim event.


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Ah Texas! This reminds of me of the tales of one of those famed Texas Gunfighters who had a reputation for shooting dozens of people dead in gunfights.

He would find some nice saloon and single out a victim. He would than proceed to insult that persons manhood in front of friends and peers and when that person went for his gun , shoot him dead in self defense. Yeah that poor slob of a cowpoke shot dead should not have gone for his gun , but the provoking was done so that he would. The killing of the cowpoke had as much to do with “self defense” as this does with “free speech”


I’ve got my doubts about this story too. It just doesn’t sit right with me.

It’s even got a twitter confirmation by ISIS! how much more tailor made for the US media can you get.


“Pamela Geller, used her blog Atlas Shrugs…”

“Atlas Shrugs” being the Ayn Rand novel so beloved by the Neo-Cons - who appear to be desperate for a religious war between Christians and Muslims. Why? Who benefits if Christians and Muslims are engaged in an all out battle? Why it’s the same country that holds the loyalty of the neo-cons: Israel.


Why do you call this a “Hate Group”? Why is drawing a cartoon of Mohammad “Hate”? The only hate here are the men who showed up to a legal, public event with military weapons, obviously intent on mass murder. So, my question is - are you insane?


Weak. Pamela Geller makes the point that there are certain people who do not allow free speech in their own country. Next, they imposed their will in Europe. Now, they wish to violate our free speech in this country.

You may find a Jew under every rock, but the fact is it is not Israelis who are murdering people in Europe for printing cartoons, or trying to murder people in this country.


Why do you call this “Anti-Muslim”? They were showing cartoons. Why not tell the truth - “Two Muslims Attempt Mass Murder Because of Cartoons”.


I most absolutely DO consider this group a “hate” group. It exists for no purpose other than blind rage, reactionary stupidity and ignorance. I wouldn’t mind it if they VANISHED from the FACE OF THE EARTH. Good riddance!


How about “Racist Hate Group Baits Other Hate Group, Gets Exactly What Both Sides Want, Sane Public Ignores BOTH”


Or imagine an event where participants were encouraged to humuliate effigies of Thomas Jefferson or caracatures of Ben Franklin.


To Joe Does:
Israel is not killing people in Europe, etc.? Ya think? Israel is feared by many of us, not because we expect the Mossad to walk up to us and shoot us for our ardent anti-Zionist sympathies. I fear it because it will dare to try anything once to make its victims, the Palestinians and other Muslims, seem responsible for the initiation and carrying out of deadly activities that have actually been devised by Israel. Those kinds of activities are called ‘false flag’ attacks. In my opinion, Charlie Hebdo was one of these. Pamela Geller’s little fiasco in Texas was also, only much more poorly done and therefore raising more suspicion than Charlie Hebdo. The two shooters involved in Pamela’s charade could as easily have been duped by anti-Muslim elements (as by pro-Islamic elements) to react with violence to what they deem Islamophobia.
Israel set up situations when even their Jewish citizens in the diaspora are purposely killed for hasbara purposes? You bet. Google the “Hannibal Directive” and see what the IDF does to its helpless soldiers taken prisoner in combat. Read about Charlie Hebdo again, too.


Have you formed this opinion based on any evidence? If so, what evidence of hate have your found?


Islam is not a race, it is a religion. And drawing a cartoon is not an act of hate - shooting someone with gun is.


A false flag attack is always possible - to some extent, we never know who is telling the truth about anything - but we can only deal with the facts we have, and I have seen no evidence suggesting that the Charlie Hebdo attack was anything other than what it is claimed to be, and I would speculate that it is highly unlikely that so many world leaders - including Abbas - would play along and support a false version. If you have any evidence that suggests otherwise, please feel free to share it. The same is true for this recent attack on the cartoon contest.

Sometimes the simplest explanation is true - in this case, it would seem (based on existing information) that two Muslims were offended by the portrayal of Mohammad, and considered that justification to commit mass murder. In my view, killing dozens of Americans because they offend you is a bad thing.


You may want to pretend that that Pamela Geller’s “American Freedom Defense Initiative” isn’t a hate group, as it was designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center and that Geller, “the winner of numerous awards from far right organisations such as the David Horowitz Freedom Center” and creator of a blog named “Atlas Shrugs,” isn’t firmly in the neocon camp. You may want to pretend that the well known neocon allegiance to Israel isn’t a fact. You may also want to call connecting the dots “find(ing) a Jew under every rock”.

But it’s all pretense.

AFDI is a hate group, Pamela Geller is firmly in the neocon camp and neocons are loyal to Israel.

“PAMELA GELLER … Now do I see everything through the prism of Israel? No, I don’t, but I do think it’s a very good guide. It’s a very good guide because, like I said, in the war between the civilized man and the savage, you side with the civilized man.” http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/10/nyregion/10gellerb.html?pagewanted=all#prism

“For those unfamiliar with Pamela Geller, she was in the news a few weeks ago for sponsoring an ad campaign across major U.S. cities with anti-Muslim posters saying, among other things, “Killing Jews is Worship that draws us close to Allah.”” http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/05/04/why-a-woman-named-pamela-geller-organized-a-prophet-muhammad-cartoon-contest/