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Anti-Muslim Event in Texas Ends in Gunfire, Two Deaths


Thanks for sharing your opinion, but I don’t agree.

The SPLC listing of Geller makes many incorrect statements. It clearly states the Geller said “Obama is Malcolm X’s love child.” I looked this up to determine the veracity of your claims, and found (in about 10 seconds) that it is not accurate. The SPLC may be a good organization fighting for justice, but if I can find in a few seconds online that the information they have on Geller is wrong, then they lose credibility on this issue with me. Geller clearly denies this claim and explains why it has been inaccurately attributed to her.

So, again, let’s deal with facts, not someone’s opinion on facts (which are false).

As for winning awards and supporting Israel, these do not prove someone is part of a hate group. Neocons are, in my view, Americans who support a view of expanded US power based on cold calculations. Rather than being fueled by hatred, they have a lack of emotion, other than a desire for power. The Neocons and those before them were just as likely to support Arab and Muslim regimes and not support Israel in the past when it suited the goal of U.S. geopolitical power (look at the Suez Crisis).

So, please do not make this personal and attack me for my opinion and tell me that I am “pretending” something. I am trying to learn the truth, and hopefully so are you.

Again, show me a statement from the AFDI that is hateful. Saying that violent acts of terror are bad does not, in my view, constitute hateful speech.

And in this specific incident, holding a contest about cartoons was not hateful, but attempting mass murder was very, very wrong, very brutal, and very hateful.


Further, the “Killing Jews” statement is not hate speech, in my view, if it is an accurate quote - in this case, from Hamas, according to Geller. I haven’t checked into it, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the quote is true. A quick check can turn up much worse than this coming from Hamas and many other parties in the Middle East. How is it “anti-Muslim” to quote someone saying that they want to kill you? What would you prefer? What is the rational response to an organization that expresses joy in murdering you and your family?

So, it seems to me that you are saying, if you quote someone saying they want to kill you, that’s hate. But if someone (as just happened) actually tries to kill you, that’s not hate. I don’t follow your logic and don’t agree with you.


I’m finding many of the responses here baffling. On one side you had a group of people who created cartoons. They were probably in poor taste. They were probably insulting. They were certainly provocative, but they were just cartoons. On the other side were people who did violence.

Cartoons that insult other religions don’t [usually] induce violence.

We are supposed to TOLERATE free speech. It’s easy when it’s speech we agree with. Violence on the other hand should not be tolerated.


Maybe it’s baffling because of the incredible complexity of many of the issues involved, and people like simple answers. You have religious issues, historical issues, ethical issues, geopolitical issues, energy issues, free speech issues, etc - all overlapping.

The reality is that two men attempted to murder Americans because of free speech, and many people just can’t accept the reality of this, that something you say would result in your execution, so they have to say it never happened, it was a false flag, it was make believe, they were asking for it, etc. However, in my view, this was a serious terrorist attack.


If this is the best Americans can do with their oh-so-precious “free speech” then I am not impressed and would not miss it at all. Sorry. I don’t support hate speech. You actually do NOT have a “right” to hurt others with slander and hate. NO ONE has that right.


Never mind all the innocent people that the US has been killing in their countries through drone attacks? Somehow in your twisted biased world that doesnt count?


No, its not simple. I will bet that that same school would not rent an auditorium for an LGBT event.


Just a cartoon you say? Great. lets draw up some cartoons of Bush being ass raped by Jesus. Its just a harmless little cartoon. No hate or insults implied…


Didn’t you read the comments here? Just because two Muslim men attacked a conference about Mohammad because it offended their Islamic beliefs has nothing to do with Islam, because, well, just because.

The comments here clearly indicate that anyone who believes that Muslims would commit an act of violence in the United States is naive, as this was clearly a false flag operation conducted by Mossad (Israeli secret service), just like the murder of cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo (Israel) and the mass murder of Americans on 9/11 (Israel) and the murder and dismemberment of people in Boston (Israel) and the murder of people in Bali (Israel) and the murder of people on trains in Madrid (Israel) and the murder of people on buses in London (Israel) and the murder of American soldiers in Ft. Hood (Israel); and there is no ISIS that is burning people alive and there is no Taliban that is shooting young girls and there is no Boko Haram that is kidnapping young girls and there are no problems in the world except for Israel. The end.


You basically explained US foreign diplomacy. That is: discretely jab them in the ribs till they hit back. Then use it as justification for sending in the military. Then, extract their resources. I blame the US for 9-11. I don’t blame Osama. I blame the US for Pearl Harbor. I don’t blame Japan. The US is the arrogant bully on the world stage. Rome was once in that situation and then fell. Britain was in that position and then fell. The sooner the US follows Rome’s and Britain’s example; the better for everyone else- CRASH!


Why are they a hate group you naively ask? Let’s turn the table. Why are environmentalists labeled as terrorists? Why does the FBI and other secret service alphabet soup agencies infiltrate and investigate environmentalist groups like Sierra club and not Pam Geller’s rabble? What did Sierra Club ever do wrong and why is Pam’s patsies ignored? Environmentalists try to stop businesses from killing and destroying the environment. For offering such protections to lifeforms who are unable to defend themselves from the onslought of chainsaws, dynamite and bulldozers, the Environmentalists get vilified. So, its ok for businesses to rampantly kill and destroy in the name of the almighty dollar but its not ok for anyone to peaceably speak out against them. I hope a Muslim group rents out that very same auditorium. Its ok in America to slander as long you slander the politically correct groups such as muslims, LGBT people, the poor. but don’t you you dare say anything against wall street, the military, christians, pro-lifers or white people. I want to post a billboard that reads “Jesus loves the little children” that has a picture of him finger fucking a little girl. Free speech the right-wing way, which is intentionally inflamatory. the right wingers are masters of inflammatory speech. Its all they know how to do.


Deuteronomy 17:2-7 instructs Christians to kill anyone who has “served other gods.” This isn’t the only instance of this either, just the first one I found.

But since Christians have decided that what the Bible actually says doesn’t matter unless it conforms with your own personal opinions, I guess we can’t point this out.


Of course the murder of people in other countries is terrible. The murder of civilians in WWII was horrific, whether in Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, or Nagasaki. Even today, no one seems to care that we just killed 8,500 people in Iraq/Syria (according to Congressional testimony of a US general on ISIS), or the people killed recently in Libya by American bombs, or the people killed in Pakistan and Yemen by drones…including many innocent children. But in the U.S., we have agreed that they way to change these policies is through debate and elections, not murdering those we don’t agree with. If we turn to a society based on murder, we will end up with a chaotic, nightmarish society such as those found in the Syria or Iraq. Personally, I do not want to live in that type of society, so I am surprised that many people here who seem to oppose violence against others (such as Palestinians) seem indifferent to violence against those they don’t agree with.


Perhaps they would. But they would be wrong. That’s the point - killing people you don’t agree with is wrong, regardless of who they are.


“Not murdering those we don’t agree with” Right, sure that doesn’t go on here. I suppose JFK’s head blew up from a sinus infection. The Indians who stood their ground on Wounded Knee in the late 60’s were just halucinating the National Guard all around them. And, Trayvon died after stumbling over his loose shoe laces? Sure, no one murders people they don’t agree with here. Its all done civil like… As if our elections are fair…


Yes, murder happens, but it’s a terrible crime. JFK was murdered, so was Malcolm X, Bobby Kennedy, and all those you mention. These were bad. Killing is bad - period, but especially when it is used to control people.

Not sure what your point is.


Yes, a cartoon. A depiction of a man named Mohammad. Something that is legal to do in the United States. However, murdering someone for drawing a picture is illegal.


I’m sure deep down you know what my point is but you won’t face it because it contradicts your agenda which includes supporting the offensive bahaviors of mainstream white american society and telling everyone who complains about it that they just need to shut up. Until people like youand them shut up your own selves and keep your offensive BS to yourselves and learn to be more polite towards your neighbors, people will get pissed off and if you continue to piss them off enough they will eventually want to kill you. Oh, but y’all know that already and thats why you keep it up. You and your ilk are the problem. Not the pissed off muslims. Not the pissed off people in Fergusson or Baltimore or… “Jesus finger fucks the little children” Taste your own medicine.