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Anti-Net Neutrality Spam Victims Demand FCC Investigate 'Slander'


Anti-Net Neutrality Spam Victims Demand FCC Investigate 'Slander'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

People whose names were used to spam the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website with anti-net neutrality comments are demanding an investigation into the identity theft.


The stolen identities included those of recently deceased people, they said, writing:

How can these people be so stupid? Wasn't the 'dead people are voting for Hillary' narrative one that the Right was harping on after the election? And now they themselves are using dead people's identity to spam a comment site? Where does their lying and scheming end?


Once you all realize that dems = repubs. They are both corporate representatives. They do not represent you and I. When the vast majority of you quit playing political football.....then democracy can be restored.


Right! Ajit Pai is about to investigate himself! Just like the various committees in the House and Senate are going to put on actual investigations of the crookedness of the drumpf administration. For swine to sprout wings is a step too far even for evolution. But there is still hope for an Arctic cold front to move into Hell what with climate change and warming here on earth.


I am sure no matter how much FRAUD is uncovered Ajit Pai will NOT stop his assault on Net Neutrality. This is something He and others in the pockets of ISP's have been salivating over sense it was passed. Even if we proved that every single comment in support of removing net neutrality was a fake, They would not back down or step back from it. We should fight as hard as we can but do so realizing that no matter how hard we fight, we will lose.


Pai is a corporate tool serving his corporate masters and they won't be happy until they, the ISP's, have complete control of your information which will then be sold to the highest bidders. This also gives an easier pathway for censorship, not that it's easy already but unfettered control. The spamers have to be stopped from subverting the actions of citizens wanting neutrality to stay, which I thought was already in place. Pai has to be stopped, somehow!?


Oops. Somebody gonna be in trouble....