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Anti-Nuke Nun and Fellow Peace Activists to be Released from Prison


Anti-Nuke Nun and Fellow Peace Activists to be Released from Prison

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Days after a federal court overturned the 2013 sabotage convictions of 85-year-old nun Megan Rice, 66-year-old Michael Walli, and 59-year-old Greg Boertje-Obed, a judge has ordered the immediate release of the three anti-nuclear activists who have already spent two years in prison.


Good people, good cause.


This is indeed good news.


Shameful that it took two years.


A victory for sanity and morality.


To celebrate the liberation of these fine folks, a really rowdy talk by a house designer fully aware of the underlying dynamics of the wasteful mindset behind the elite perspectives that require constant power, power acquisition and the downward spiral. Enjoy!


" To remain in prison the rest of my life is the greatest honor you could give me." 85 years young nun Megan Rice.

Megan, you made the prison a place of honor. But let me ask: WHERE ARE THE MILLIONS OF YOUR FELLOW CHURCH PEOPLE?

Reminds me of a story that when Thoreau was incarcerated for civil disobedience, Emerson came and visited him at the jail and asked Henry: " Henry, what are you doing in there"? To which Thoreau replied: " No Ralph, the question is…what are you doing out there"!



Now let’s get these dangerous death-traps shut down.


Thank you: Megan, Michael and Greg!


The mass media didn’t make a fuss that these old folks were imprisoned for exercising their right to congregate and free speech. Quite different if Russia or China or North Korea were to do the same thing. This is one reason why the US is losing the hearts and minds of the world’s people: I doubt brave citizens like Megan Rice and her companions would undergo the same harsh treatment under administrations prior to Bush Jr.


If every Catholic bishop did what Megan Rice did, the American Empire would be exposed as the greatest purveyor of violence it truly has become. The CIA pays ‘journalists’ to plant stories to ramp up the fear of the other. Killing presidents and dissidents is a staple of this evil cabal.


Very few Megan Rices to expose the evil Empire. And the fact that the Empire is so paranoid that it would lock up an elderly lady of peace who is completely harmless, tells me, no doubt about it… it is unequivocally evil!. . .


The lesson to all American sheeple…attempt to promote peace and you will be incarcerated. The more popular your message the more physical danger . Droning will be the new efficient method of elimination.


I have such gratitude for these brave hearts. I hope there is much peace in their lives.


Shameful that it was done at all!


[quote=“Shantiananda, post:15, topic:8491, full:true”]
Shameful that it was done at all!
[/quote] Excellent point!