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Anti-Pipeline Movement Gathers Steam


Anti-Pipeline Movement Gathers Steam

Chuck Collins

Thousands of Native Americans at Standing Rock in North Dakota are protesting a pipeline project that puts their water supply at risk, threatens to plow up their sacred sites, and would worsen climate change.

Their rallying echoes hundreds of local struggles across the U.S. that question the prudence, safety, and necessity of thousands of new gas pipeline projects.


This push to increase Gas exports is linked directly to the saudi's flooding the world with cheap oil.

The USA wants to destroy Russia economically.

Europe buys a lot of gas from Russia and the USA wants to replace Russia as a supplier. This way they remove a source of earnings for the Russian state and ensure West Europe remains locked under US hegemony.


I can't even begin to express how angry it makes me that petroleum companies can use eminent domain to force people out of their homes and off of their land for nothing more than privatized profits. Personally, I believe that profits generated from such resource extraction should be shared with the public to the tune of 100% shared particularly when eminent domain is used to access those resources and bring them to market. In short, such resource extraction gets 100% socialized. I know that there's a term for this but I can't remember it at this time. So, I'm trying my best to describe it. Someone, please name it so the rest of us can spread it. I'll just bet that these billionaires will suddenly start looking for other ways to make money that won't involve pipelines requiring eminent domain to build. But seriously, fair's fair, if you're going to use eminent domain, you're going to share those profits or leave people where they are and I don't want to hear this talk about fair compensation for the price of their land. Forcing people off their land is never fair and better be for a damned good reason. Privatized petroleum profits is NOT one of those good reasons.


One more note, the pipeline project didn't threaten to plow up their sacred sites, The people behind the project DID plow up a burial ground and tossed the bones aside like rubble.


Just want to remind you there is an active anti-pipeline movement in Vermont opposing construction of a 41-mile methane gas line. Vt Gas uses eminent domain to go through farms, throw people out of their homes, and even go through a public park.


Vermont gas is owned by Gaz Metro, an 8 billion dollar Canadian Company, in turn partly owned by Enbridge.