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'Anti-Poverty Programs: They Work!' Experts Declare After Fed Survey Reveals Benefits of Covid-19 Relief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/24/anti-poverty-programs-they-work-experts-declare-after-fed-survey-reveals-benefits

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Congress knows it works too, that’s why we probably wont see any more, gotta keep the serfs hungry.

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They stopped accepting applications for Unemployment benefits online for 10 days to upgrade the system because there were too many unemployed people for the system to process. (in my state)

We have covid-19 related unemployment but also displacement from the fires.

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Hungry, barefoot, pregnant, and scared. Just the way the sheriff and his men want it.
Darn, I can’t think of a serf analogy off hand.


The government went into debt when it spent money, created IOUs, when it sent money to families who were ordered to “shelter-in-place”. The national debt increased. Someone has to pay the debt. The most obvious place to fund this debt is “household net worth” which the Fed. reports (Flow of Funds, page 2) now totals over $119 TRILLION. The federal government spent $4.5 trillion in 2019, I think. So the $119 tr is very large. The annual output of the economy, GDP, is $21 tr. How can we tax wealth. Education is the best way. But sending free money to people, is not going to fly. We believe in work and earning, I do, and you do. It might be better to create a jobs guarantee plan, and to increase the earned income tax credit (EITC) which 20% of families access, increase the minimum wage to $15/hr and raise wages for 43 million workers at least, and make labor unions more powerful with the PRO Act and other measures. The RAND Corporation last week released the report “Income Trends from 1975 to 2018” that showed the average income for a prime age full-time year-round worker had grown in 43 years, 1975 to 2018, from $42,000 to $50,000, about 31%, but the entire economy had grown by 118%, so the $42,000 could have grown to $92,000 — had wage growth match total economy growth. In other words, wages have barely moved in 43 years, and we have to figure a way to make the corporations who are the biggest actors to raise wages. Give workers many seats on the directors’ board, make wage negotiations powerful for workers. Lots of ways, but much more concern and education is needed. Nick Hanauer wrote an article published in Time Mag, and has an interview on Pitchfork Economics, and I write Economics Without Greed, Part Two, see August 2019 essay, and many other sources.

where I work about 30 people were cut in calf ----they said they would have this fixed by Sept now they are saying it won’t be fixed until the new year-----because they got rid of all the unemployment centers------we should have healthcare centers in every neighborhood------and part of healthcare is having a job. People should have a way to get a basic job if they need one.

We live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE--------FUCK THE CORPORATIONS-----The min wage should have been raised a long time ago-----the min wage of 1961 = $20. today-------George McGovern said we should all get $1000. a year in 72------today I would say about $10,000 and that is being nice—pay for it with a wealth tax. And HEALTHCARE CENTERS in evey neighborhood.


Neoliberals want wages to fall a lot so that businesses can pay lower wages, so this argument doesn’t work with all Republicans and many Democrats now as well.

Its quite possible that some wont be satisfied until US wages are literally at third world levels, rejecting the idea of a living wage, they feel supply and demand should be the sole determinant of wages.

That means that because many businesses are closing due to coronavirus, that all wages should fall a lot because jobs are harder to find.

Their anti poverty pogroms still have not succeeded in getting rid of the poor.

Thank God.