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Anti-Public Ed Ideologue Chosen as Trump's Pick for Education Secretary


Anti-Public Ed Ideologue Chosen as Trump's Pick for Education Secretary

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump has tapped for U.S. Education Secretary "a 'reformer' who does not hide her contempt for the public schools," according to historian Diane Ravitch.


To be expected. But neocon/lib Killary would have been worse right? Plus the DNC. Who can forget the all-powerful, mighty, election-thwarting DNC?


It’s all Obama’s fault. At least now we can have that revolution. No Democrats allowed.


The purpose of education should be to keep people stupid so that they will never question the choices offered by the 1%.

Oh, and to funnel money to the testing companies. Students should spend all of their time taking tests so that they never get a chance to actually learn anything useful except how to work at McDonalds.


Yes thank you DNC for getting this clown elected.
The DNC arrogance will result in the complete destruction of this country and planet.
Do they even care?
No, because the 1% will make out regardless of who is president.


More scum-de-dum-dum from Der Drumpf.


And the leader of the American Holocaust keeps on spreading his deadly poison so that no one will be able to avoid his toxic cloud of craziness. DJT never attended a public school in his life nor did De Vos or Bill Gates…all trumpeters for privatization of public education. Yet they all have the solutions based on what? Oh, that’s right, just like everything else they touch, it is all about making money no matter the costs in human suffering and the perpetuation of poverty and the underclass.



Billionaires get their revenge. Teaching? Becomes “Tech-ing”. Good behavior = obedience training. Memorization = critical thinking. Spare the rod? Don’t ask. Beauty = Banksy’s “Dismaland” [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCpYYYzQJ3c]


The danger of this woman is terrifying. A woman raised in luxury, with infinite wealth and white privilege that has spent her life pounding the downtrodden into the ground one grinding stiletto heel at a time has now been given the power to objectify, ostracize, and imprison children in their poverty. Un-effing believable. We are in hell on earth with the worshiper of mammon leading the way to the deepest, darkest, disastrous end.


I’m not “pro-Trump”. Having said this it’s fairly obvious that the board of education is a failed institution having little to do with real education and mostly a “cookie-cutter” programming devoid of imagination.


What does criticizing the Democratic National Committee have to do with racism?
You have a very misplaced sense of anger.
I don’t believe in censorship, but if anything needs flagging it would be your racist comment about our current President.


Your broad brush comments are really fucking annoying.


Disturbing report and predictable. I’m interested in the comments from the leaders of the NEA and AFT. We have to remember that De Vos is only a more rabid version of the Obama appointments as Education Secretary. It remains a source of wonderment that the NEA and AFT rushed in to support the establishment Democrats without first extracting promises that corporate reformers would not be appointed as Education Secretary a la Obama. So the NEA and AFT valid criticisms of this Trump appointment could well have applied to the Obama appointments to this position. In a way, Obama’s appointments were worse because better policy choices are expected of Democrats and some good people were available, eg, Linda Darling-Hammond.


Remember K through 12th grade is a 650 billion plus industry a year and the rich want it.


It’s his shtick. Any criticism of Obama gets the racism charge from this jerk.



Nothing new at all. Pay particular attention to how Truman was nominated to be VP and not Henry Wallace.


Thanks. What is interesting is that I did not even criticize Obama.

He did!


Charter schools and the ultimate pyramid scheme (Amway).

What a combination !


It’s difficult to boycott a creepy outfit like blackwater. Amway is another story.

Boycott Amway and tell six friends to tell six friends, “Boycott Amway.”


You’re welcome. Enjoy.