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Anti-Tar Sands Activists Take Pipeline Opposition to John Kerry's Front Door



I applaud the activists efforts, but Kerry is just a stooge for the Koch Roach brothers and big oil. No different than what his son was given in the Ukraine.


Past time to see Democrats (and Republicans) for what they are - stooges on the world stage. There are many millions of us that don't owe these fascist puppets anything; we especially do not owe them our vote. We have a year to find a worthy candidate for President. The same amount of time in each state to find a new Congress made up of entirely new people; we can dump at least 1/3 of the current Senators. People, we have lost our country to a "few" very wealthy despots. Time to take it back.


it is indeed pitiful Kerry does not "have the pwer" to do anything but what big oil tells himto. this charade has gone on much too long. instead of pretending to carefully consider all options blah blah for 2 years Obama should have stood up and said "look i hate tar sands and keystone xl as much as anybody. But i'm just the president. Big Oil is still the boss"


I wouldn't hold my breath while waiting for Kerry to do the correct thing. He's more
concerned with his looks.


John Kerry takes a seat at the bar. The bartender says, "Why the long face?"