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Anti-Trump Outrage in Pakistan Includes Demand to End Role as US 'Gun for Hire'


Anti-Trump Outrage in Pakistan Includes Demand to End Role as US 'Gun for Hire'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"It is time for Pakistan to delink from the U.S.," said Pakistani politician Imran Khan, a long-time critic of American drone program


Pakistan is not a US gun for hire, Pakistan uses the poor uneducated NWF Afghans to carry out acts of terror and suicides in Afghanistan and India. I am sure the CIA is fully aware and complicit even in killing of US soldiers to keep the war funds coming.


Yes, completely agree. We have wasted time and resources on foolishness in this region. GW Bush once said that he would rather “fight them over there than fight them here.” Unfortunately, he was wrong. We need a new approach to radicalization that does not place militarism and collaboration with questionable international "friends"at the heart of the effort. George Washington, a better President than any of the more recent ones, said that we should beware of foreign entanglements. This is what he meant.


Good for Khan.




Saudi Arabia is at the heart of ALL radicalization. From Indonesia to Morocco, wahabization was carried out on steroids and until the US gets Saudia to zip it, nothing will change. Pakistan was foolish to help the US fight the Soviets in Afghanistan - serving as a conduit for arms and brainwashed jihadis, exporting terrorism into Afghanistan at the behest of the USA. That involvement has been a problem ever since as the chickens have come home to roost - demanding implementation of shariah, targeting minorities etc. The government of Pakistan has dealt with the hardliners a bit by launching operations in Swat and NWFP but but leaves the moderate ones alone until they cause problems. That is not enough and the government has to be firm with all mullahs as there are no moderate mullahs. And you got one thing right - Pakistan has been as loyal to the US as the US has been to Pakistan. Loyalty is a two way street. The US may have a short memory but Pakistan remembers the mess the US left them with after the Soviets pulled out and also remembers the sanctions that were slapped on Pakistan for its services in inflicting a thousand cuts on the Soviets in Afghanistan. Duplicitous/ questionable international friends indeed. Cant slap sanctions one minute, destroy the economy and then demand utter loyalty when they require it.


Pretty smart move.


This seems to get little play in the media–I do believe Venezuela just moved to the yuan from the dollar. And do remember Pakistan has nuclear weapons, there is a strategic reason for staying in touch. And right now Trump is ratcheting up the war in Afghanistan.


Pakistan could simply deny US overland access to Afghanistan and that would end American involvement in the war. In all likelihood, however, Pakistani leaders fear that the Taliban will then retake Kabul just as they did when the Russians left the country - and inspire the Pakistan version of the Taliban to ramp up their war on Pakistan.


The United States arguably created the Taliban by using it to drive the Russians out of Afghanistan then dropping any significant support for a reasonable government leveling a power vacuum that religious zealots could, and did, exploit. We have abused Pakistan as well. We have a long history of handing large sums of money to corrupt leaders while
foolishly trusting them to use the money for public benefit. This is precisely why we cannot buy friends and we create enemies where none existed. It really isn’t all that difficult to understand. The hard part is how to fix it. Doing the same thing over and over because it didn’t work last time is the height of arrogant stupidity.


Likely only the first but certain to start a trend if the Chinese treat them fairly.


I won’t be surprised if Imran Khan is targeted for assassination now.