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Anti-Trump Rallies Deliver Message to Trump: You're Not Welcome Here


Anti-Trump Rallies Deliver Message to Trump: You're Not Welcome Here

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Protests in Youngstown, Ohio on Tuesday served as a counter-point to Donald Trump's campaign-style rally in the working class town, telling the president that he was "not welcome," has failed to fulfill his campaign promises, and is pushing a disastrous healthcare bill.


Hey, Tweetle-Dumb – You’re NOT Welcome Here!!

My grandfather was a mill foreman and a union rep. at Youngstown Sheet & Tube many years ago; both have been gone for a long time. YS&T is now a vacant lot, in fact – a victim of CAFTA, NAFTA and the W.T.O., but I’m sure if he were still alive Gramps would be out there with the current residents of Youngstown protesting
the unpresidential hollow orange pumpkin from the sewer that is Washington.


What an uncouth oaf this man is! He’s a national embarrassment and makes me ashamed that enough people in this country are so uninformed that they would support such a person…says oh so much about our education system.


An education system which Betsy DeVos is determined to make even worse, even utterly eradicate, if she can.
She wants to turn the next generation of America’s children over to her funny-dementalist ‘Christian’ theo­cracy so they can be brainwashed into unquestioning obedience of the Multi-NaZional Korpocracy from day one.  A secondary benefit is that in the meanwhile she and her charter-school henchmen are getting even richer from their voucher scheme that steals billions of OUR tax dollars every year – money that should be going to public schools.


Trump’s need for adulation shows what a pathetic little man he truly is. What’s up with the rallies he keeps holding and why do people bother to attend. And I am not sure anti-Trump rallies make much more sense. It seems that people need to throw a few wrenches into the system. How about massive general strikes. Massive boycotts against the corporations and their oligarch owners. How about boycotting the corrupt electoral system. I’m afraid rallies really don’t do much in this day and age. It seems like pissing into a hurricane.


That will not come to pass until there is a lot more pain – financial and personal.


The formal education system is only secondary to the education that is provided in the “home” environment to those who are now adults and their offspring.


As for El Donablo and his joking desire to be enshrined on Mt Rushmore – megalomania.

BTW, all those presidents should be removed from the sacred spaces of the Lakota.


My goodness, the man has the elocution of a tweet. No wonder the congress doesn’t know how to proceed, the president doesn’t know what he wants to say but won’t shut up. He just puts words together until there are enough to make a sentence, meaningful is a bonus.


How do you boycott an electoral system? I think a lot of folks tried that last election and got us a trump.


He is NOT a national embarassment, he is a class enemy. There is a big difference between the two. Class conscious workers reject nationalism and jingoism. They embrace internationalsim , as the working class is international. The Trumps, the Rockefellers, the Bloombergs, the Bezos, the Gates et al are the enemy of all workers. They accumulate their hundreds of billions im profits from sweat and toil of billions around the globe who often are unemployed, often hungry, often refugees, often victims of the bosses lust for profit, often victims of racism and sexism. All those fat profits that Wall Street makes come from our labor and our creativity. The parasites of the world wear $1000 suits, have expensive yachts, and airplanes while our class suffers from the wars they start for oil and profit. They call anyone who is in their way terrorists while they are the biggest terrorists on earth. Al Queda and Islamic State were the direct product of US actions in the Middle East. WE can not eliminate them and the others to follow without eliminating capitalism, the source of our problems. The working class has a long and glorious history of rebellion and revolution against capitalism here and across the globe. We can and must fight to build an egalitarian world free from the stench of racism, war, and poverty. Our children and grand children’s lives depend on it. Workers of the world unite, we have nothing to lose but our chains! See www.plp.org


just when we think it couldn’t get any more trumptopian. here he comes with his blabblahblahblah rubbish spewing out of his mouth. vomiting words, coming out in disconnected phrases that make no sense.
now we can add megalomaniac to his list of dubiious accomplishment.

get rid of him u.s.a. - get rid of him and his pence/ryan/bannon fundamentalist christian freedom caucus group of very dangerous men. mostly men.


Lock him up! Along with mafia Don’s criminal cabal… Pence first!
Just like the Nixon Cabal. Earl Butz Agricultural Secretary first, then Spirochete Agnew, then the Big Fish, Richard (Fascist) Nixon.


Boycotting the electoral system would be counterproductive. The way to beat it is to subvert it by using the courts before it’s too late, and by nullifying the roadblocks they put in the way before they can take effect.


I would say he has the elocution of a twit, but on all accounts I really appreciate your comment. His elocution wouldn’t bother me at all if English wasn’t his first language–and only language.


We learn our ethics and social manners at home, while our schools feed our natural curiosity and the three Rs. This is why religion isn’t taught in public schools nor should it be. Both sources of knowledge are crucial in the modern world for our children need every tool they can get to thrive in our complex society.


“… gonna to be …” Who the hell talks like that? Certainly isn’t presidential …


We have to name the ideology that emptied those factories, and replaced them with cheap consumer shit from Asia. Neo-liberalism, the doctrine that says de-regulate, privatize, break unions, and promise low taxes, has created wealth? Sure…for the few. But when they told gullible us, that there would be winners and there would be losers…most of us didn’t realize, the financial elites had most of us in the loser category.

Trump is just one result of these failed global policies. Imperialistic wars, devastation in the middle east, and growing poverty in America are others. Blaming government…or Washington…without understanding that unregulated Capitalism (the neo-liberal model) made our current woes inevitable, isn’t going to fix anything. The obscenly wealthy few are still going to hold onto power…Washington itself is their pawn.


Of course Washington is a pawn – a pawn of its Fat-Cat owners and their Multi-NaZional Korporations.  Why do you think I referred to it as a sewer?  Neo-Liberalism is the last-gasp result of Ayn Rand’s / Rand Paul’s / Paul Ryan’s philosophy, “Each Man Is An Island”.


Glad so many are waking up. Time to dream a new dream I guess…put our heads together and come up with a system not driven by money, but perhaps by something bigger…and more collective. We need to begin imagining the new economy…where everyone is included, and we work together to build sustainable communities and food production systems.