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'Anti-Trump Rhetoric Not Enough': Bold, Progressive Agenda Demanded for 2018


'Anti-Trump Rhetoric Not Enough': Bold, Progressive Agenda Demanded for 2018

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"We must act together. And we must act strategically. 2018 is the year the people fight back like never before."


The perfect is the enemy of the mediocre.

Not that the Republican Party isn’t a death cult, but the Democratic Party has all sorts of corruption problems that we want fixed. Can we get them fixed TOO? We’re going to see a few compromises along the way.


Let’s please send those illegal beggars back home.


Yes! True “patriots” must loudly and forcefully “articulate an inspiring alternative that will sweep progressives into positions of power”! The trump regime must be swept away, else we all will suffer under its extremist 1% idiot-in-chief petty pricktator! The Republican Party that once was (at least partially), has been swept-away by extremist fools and ignorant idiots, extinct for all practical purposes in its historic place in American politics.

Unfortunately we have not, and likely will not ,see that “progressives swept into power” reality from the DINO Dem elite/establishment or current "leaders, Schumer, Pelosi, et al, who resist not the orange dictator, but an American progressive agenda/coalition and rejection of Clinton/Obama business-as-usual corporate, banker, Wall Street, endless-war-machine, vulture capitalist construct/servitude that mirrors the R’Con trump regime service to those sectors and also betrays American families and 99% - none so tangible as the sabotage of the Sanders candidacy in favor of HRC!

If the DINO establishment sellouts don’t finally see the writing on the wall, and the progressive/independent “silent majority” doesn’t get its ass in high freakin gear we are all toast…happy freakin New Year…


I don’t believe the Democratic Party can be fixed. More importantly, we don’t have the time to be messing with party reform.


Progressives cannot attack corporate power w/o attacking the National Security State and the MIC, no matter how much we push for things like livable wages and single payer health insurance. As long as the NSS/MIC remain in control, there will be a capitalist war against the world AND austerity domestically. Do the math folks.


The Democratic Party, in my view, is beyond repair. But we have to admit, even though the dems. are at their core, egregiously corrupt! They do a great job at making so many people believe that their party can be reformed. And I would submit that all the proof one needs is what happened to Bernie at the DNC CON…vention in Philly!


How about an ANTI-CORRUPT GOVERNMENT-IN-TOTO! Agenda???!!!


We don’t need a “Bold, Progressive Agenda” …

We are seeing a “bold, progressive agenda” by the Repugs …
in their own interests.

“Progressive” does not make clear the kind of action required –
we need LIBERAL action and a LIBERAL agenda.

Progressive is just another word which has been corrupted …
similarly to “reform” where that word used to also mean something good.
Now “reform” is used to move the most evil of agendas.

Let’s make clear where we are – right and left.
There is NO center. You are either moving to the left or to the right.


Also note that Bernie STILL BELIEVES the corrupt “Ds” can be fixed!

“Insanity is doing (“believing”) the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” __Einstein


“we are all toast…happy freakin New Year…”

I hope they put some jelly on me along with butter. (That’s how much confidence I have in any significant change coming.)


What? You don’t think "liberal" has been corrupted?


Fascist –

No – I don’t think the word “liberal” has been corrupted.

In the case of “progressive” it can be used now for a right wing agenda.
In the case of “reform” it can also now be used for a right wing agenda.

Can you give me an example of the GOP using the word “LIBERAL” to move
any of their right wing agenda?

Granted, the Dem Party has continued to sail for a very long time under a banner
of the New Deal and suggested “liberalism” …
but I don’t think that even they have claimed in decades that they’re for a "liberal"

Unless it’s piling up their own wealth, or what’s on their own plates.

And I think that JFK’s words on “Liberalism” still stand.


I supported Bernie financially in the last election because of his track record and narrative of integrity, but from my perspective, the Democratic Party was sooooo corrupt that they used Bernie as a shill for their nefarious and punic agenda and when Bernie was no longer any use to their agenda they somehow got him to sell out to the oligarchs that supported Trump and Hillary.


Can you give me an example of the GOP using the word “PROGRESSIVE” to move
any of their right wing agenda?


Massive general strikes and boycotts are what is needed. They have been needed for decades now and have not happened. They will not likely happen in the future either. But that is the only recourse left to the citizens. So-called progressive agendas might come after such strikes and boycotts if there is anything left to salvage. TPTB are implementing the final stages of their plan to destroy the poor and middle class once and for all and bring back the dark ages.


I also supported Bernie financially and any other way that I could. Yes, he was cheated and generally screwed over BUT yet he STILL thinks the damnocrats are going to convert into a “Progressive Machine” and do a 180. Ain’t happenin’!

Also, in real life, if someone, an alleged friend, say, cheats you and generally makes an ass of you, would you STILL be their friend? If you are sane, you would put MUCH distance between you and seek REAL FRIENDS to make the changes you believe in happen.


No more austerity. No more “humanitarian” interventions pretending not to be all about extending American power. Find a candidate who really is progressive and not a triangulating quisling cosying up to corporate capitalism. America needs a left, not a bunch of careerists pretending to be progressive and utterly failing to convince.


Nothing short of REVOLUTION is gonna change this broken system.
Rise up, revolt…:v:
Gonna walk my dog. Always clears my head. Thanks, Rover!:dog:


Once again, I see too many progressives poised to jump right back into that same leaky, sinking Democratic ship. Hell, yes, we need to pile on the pressure to spread the progressive agenda into every corner of the country, but WHY is there NEVER any suggested alternative in these articles to using the Democratic party as a vehicle? WHY is just assumed that, by some miracle, progressives will just overwhelm the Democratic party and force it to the left, even as the D leadership has been working to make sure it doesn’t?

Progressives have now wasted a full year in their failure to produce a viable third party or even a coalition, thanks to the few progressive leaning Ds and Sanders making enough noise to make it appear the party is far more progressive than it really Here we go, again.