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Anti-War Dems Try to Repeal Authorization for Endless War


Anti-War Dems Try to Repeal Authorization for Endless War

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

After years of bombings and a new, protracted conflict in the Middle East, the U.S. House on Wednesday is expected to vote on a measure that could end or extend President Barack Obama's "blank check" for war, which is now currently used to sanction attacks against the Islamic State (or ISIS).


Election year grandstanding. They did it before in 2012 as well, I think.
But hey, anything to convince Jane and Joe voter that the Democratic party really loves them, or, at least, is always going to be better than those guys over there.
The joke plays on.


Our senators need to stand up and take their constitutional responsibility back from the executive branch, debate this war and start defunding it now not in 2017. We have been at this for 15 years and have only made everything worse except for the pocketbooks of a few. It is past time to start caring for our children and stop bombing others.


But, but, but, ....... there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Which is there only so you can see the light switch, to turn the lights on more tunnel entrances. Military Keynesianism is as addictive to Washington D.C. pols as any Afghanistan heroin we've ever heard of. Endless war is the new normal. Only it's not new.


It seems like the very idea of not being involved in this endless war is somehow strange and unexpected. It only needs another few years before the first of those born into the endless war will have grown up and will begin fighting in it. The first forever war generation.

Bravo to Rep. Lee for remembering that there is an alternative to endless war. Life without war is possible. We call it peace.

We do not have to be there. We do not need to exist in an endless war. She is right. It is time that this is debated. It is time it is reassessed. It is time to talk of peace because an endless war is a war that can never be won.

Endless peace. How about we try that for a generation or so.


It's about damn time. Obama never should have been given a blank check, though given his penchant for legal gymnastics to justify what he wants, he would likely have found a way around any restrictions. Still, it is critical at this point, for Congress to try to regain some measure of control with the prospect of a Clinton or a Trump presidency, even if this latest attempt is election year grandstanding. The only sure way to to defang Clinton or Trump, of course, is to keep them the hell out of the White House.


Noting will change until we march on Washington by the millions. Stand up for what is right people. Look at all the death and destruction the U.S. is creating around the world. Breaks my heart to see what these psychopaths have done. In the words of President Putin. "DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE".


I find your statement statement very alarming:

"Since 1991, the U.S. has spent trillions of dollars, dropped hundreds of thousands of bombs and lost thousands of brave servicemen and women in Iraq. Do you feel any safer? Are we any safer?"

I had no idea that bombing cities and towns in Iraq was so dangerous for US military personnel. Something must be done about this. Perhaps if the U.S. made fewer missions but with bigger bombs there would be fewer casualties among servicemen? Or maybe the U.S. could adopt a policy of bombing from higher elevations?

I'm sure the 1.3 million Iraqis who died under the bombs would have welcomed a safer work environment for the people who brought them peace, security and an end to their suffering.


Barbar Lee was the one and only person in the entire congress to say NO in 2001. So i gotta love her for that.
this endless war thing stated as a war on terror, a if bombs could end terror. So after 15 years of this, and terror multiplying exponentially all this time. in 2001, all we had were CIA created things like al- Qaeda, Taliban and not very much of either. Now look. every bomb thy drop creates more terror, and every missile from all those drones. if anyone in Washington was sane, they would have noticed all this 15 years ago. But they keep on doing it. Bombing makes more terror? well lets bomb them some more, that will surely stop them- all this is the very definition of insanity.


Mammon rules!


Unfortunately Bernie's record is not so great either. though he voted against the Iraq war, he votes yes on most other military stuff including his poor record on drone warfare in places that Obama has killed regularly. In his speech last nite in Oregon, not one word about cutting the military budget. Bernie must be held to a higher standard on foreign policy folks otherwise why bother. so much of our tax dollars go to the Pentagon. Is that a legacy we want to leave to our children and the rest of the world? I see the empire crumbling all around us, that's a good thing, except we have to suffer the consequences. whatever happened to the peace movement, antiwar movement so many of us were a part of? time to reinvigorate it as we build a progressive movement from the ground up.


One of the telling cartoons I seen regarding the Iraq war was an image of GW Bush coming to a corner as he walked with him saying " We are beginning to turn the corner"

This frame popped up four times before an overhead view shown of him walking around and around a big square block , always coming back to where he already was.

They are still doing it except Obama spelled GW soon to be replaced by Hilary if they get their way.


I read yesterday that Bernie mentioned ending permanent war


I have always had the utmost respect for Barbara Lee, and thought for a short time she would make an excellent choice for Bernie's running mate. But alas, Ms. Lee like Ms. Warren is remaining neutral until there's a nominee.


Bingo! That is exactly why I have called the dems. for years: THE FAKE OPPOSITION WAR PARTY!


Madmen rule, mammon is just the excuse they use.


The AUMF was passed under Bush, not Obama.,Sanders voted for it and has never repudiated that vote. Only congresswoman Lee of my district voted no.


Why would she run with Sanders who left her to stand alone in the House in opposition to the blank check for war?


Has he repudiated his vote in favor of endless war?


VFor gods sake, she stood alone in the House on the AUMF vote. When she looked for support Sanderswas nowhere to be found