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Anti-War Voices Applaud 'Must-Read' Sanders Op-Ed Demanding End to US Complicity in Yemen Carnage


Anti-War Voices Applaud 'Must-Read' Sanders Op-Ed Demanding End to US Complicity in Yemen Carnage

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Anti-war voices are praising a new "must-read" New York Times op-ed in which Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) called on Congress "to redefine our relationship with Saudi Arabia, and to show that the Saudis do not have a blank check to continue violating human rights" by revoking U.S. support for the Saudi and UAE-led war in Yemen.



Stop bashing one of the few congressman who stands up and does something. So you voted for Hillary. Get over it.



Geez, Bernie is about the only legislator bringing this up and trying to stop it and that’s who you criticize! What about all the legislators who are getting rich because of all these unending wars? Why don’t you criticize them.



Peace and justice are on Bernie’s mind just like every one else who is grossed out by money grubbing war mongers.

I believe we should support Senator Sanders yet not forget he did not ask his supporters for their opinions as he pulled the rug out from under us.

Senator Sanders proved putting too much stock in a personality is a loser’s deal. Even so, he works hard and tries to be good.



Yes, it a positive development that this being brought up. The issue is the slaughter in Yemen would never have started in the first place were it not for the Obama Presidency where under Obama those weapons kept flowing to The Saudi’s and the USA kept providing targetting information, refueling aircraft and defending the Saudis actions to the UN and to the world.

If we want peace in this world the Politicians can not remain silent on war and atrocities being commited when the Political party they might be linked to the one in power.

When those voices that were silent under Obama suddenly raised when it a Trump as President then people have the right to ask WHY?

Now one would hope that Mr Sanders and those who support them can help end this thing but what happens when the next Democratic President in Power and s/he wants a war with Venezuela?



Hillary rejoiced over selling the Saudis billions in weapons. Excuse me, but I’m not going to get over that, nor am I going to get over Bernie’s endorsement of a warmonger like HER with one side of his mouth, and his anti-war politicking with the other side.

Politics calls for tough choices. Bernie took the easy way out.



Bernie criticized the war. That is a radical act these days. If progressives want members of Congress to understand that criticizing this war is not political suicide and that many people support withdrawal, then progressives must second Bernie’s letter, regardless of their feelings about Bernie on other matters. The opportunity may not come again.

P. S. : I have very limited internet access and I’m rarely able to stay logged on long enough for any back-and-forth conversation. I do not mean to ignore anyone.



Oh, yeah, Sanders is the fuckin Devil for speaking these words when he obviously really works for something entirely different, right?

How can the principled words of this man be so distorted and his political actions at this critical time to dethrone trump, whatever the short-term bile generated, be so myopically characterized as “betrayals” and all the other BS denunciations so twist the dialogue and the focus of some? Sanders is NOT the fuckin enemy and you should know that…unless the purpose and goal is quite different!

The R’Con trump regime and their scorched-earth policy is the Devil! Sander’s voice is about the only one to achieve any national recognition with our complicit to the crimes corrupted/sold-out Fourth Estate/media.scum, yet you continue to bash his principled words confusing them for some whole other thing. I just do not get it! No denunciations for the actual perps?

The enemy that is destroying our people, environment and nation is given a free pass so you can bash Sanders seems so destructive and myopic I can hardly stand it…Like sanders is single handed sabotaging the whole “revolution” of your imagination and committing unforgivable crimes to “lure” the ignorant back to the Dems…all by his lonesome? Please take a wiser, more nuanced, look at what needs to happen to stand against the real evil and betrayers of all that needs to change and how it can be accomplished…not by stabbing our own and dividing “us”…the R’Con pigs and MICC, corporate greedy and environmental rapists do quite enough…how about a little vitriol thrown their way, instead of this bash Sanders stupidity? Walk a fuckin mile in his shoes!

And where are any other voices trying to reach the public and effect change to end the atrocities in Yemen? Not from the DINO “leadership”, or MICC complicit Dems, corporate war-profiteer congress-members, only Sanders and he does NOT deserve your BS denunciations and anger!



Emphyrio…Thank you so much for this sane post. In my view it is a bit too short but that’s okay.



The butcher of Libya? I don’t remember Sanders campaigning for Kaddafi.

More seriously, you do believe that “Butcher of Libya” refers to the right-wing Benghazi conspiracy theory, right?

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War…killing…awash in guns we are. It’s what we do, it’s what we have always done. We are a killing machine. It is what we and our government spend our money on. Antiwar? Peace? Never gonna happen folks, pie in the sky dreams. Cutting the military, reducing out of country foot prints, recalling troops from around the world, by all means Yes. Fighting a better fight with smarts? Maybe. We have become a shotgun into a crowd, we need to a sniper in the shadows. We dump money into a pit of hell instead of buying what we need to survive. The world is an ugly and dangerous place because of us. We need a smart military, not a dumb gunslinger.



Part of the problem is that AUMF. President Obama used it in Libya as example without every going to the House or the Senate for a vote.

The Senate and House should have as one of its highest priorities the removal of that infernal thing. As I recall one of the few to vote against it, warning of this very thing , was Barbara lee.



Why do so many commenters believe change is effected through lone messiahs, and not through the hard work of working within, and reforming existing political organizations? Sanders presence in the Democratic Party is part of a reform movement of this party. If he leaves the Party, he will be pretty much be left holding a sign on a street corner and ignored.

Do you all think Corbyn’s movement would have gotten anywhere had they walked out of the Blair-Brown Labour Party?

I sure wish the US-left would start using the outer wrinkly parts of their brains and not just the inner parts inherited from our distant reptile ancestors.



F-35’s. Enough said!



Looks like Bernie is still being well used by the corporate, dems.



Bernie, in my view, is one of the very best shills for the Corporate, Democrats. Because he is still fooling so many progressives that the corruption of the corrupt, elite Democratic Party can be changed.



This as Sanders has stated will sink US image around the globe even further along with the US dollar and US economy. We must do all we can to stop this administration of psychopaths and lunatic idiots.

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And your complicity in backing a Wall Street whore!



Sanders is unfortunately imperfect, as a politician he feels he can’t afford to raddle the cages of so many pentagon contractors workers addicted to killing, albeit not directly but through engagement in weapons building that does the killings.



Ricky and Callme are Putin obsessed. It’s not Yemen they care about, nor any other issue.