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Anti-War Voices: Of Course Trump Should Withdraw US Troops From Syria... and Afghanistan and Yemen and Iraq and...


Anti-War Voices: Of Course Trump Should Withdraw US Troops From Syria... and Afghanistan and Yemen and Iraq and...

Jon Queally, staff writer

Even as the Pentagon stammered and the retired generals, ex-CIA chiefs, and war hawks from both major political parties took to the cable news to warn against the prospect of less war—or at least U.


The fascist Trump has done more to withdraw troops than any of the lib/neolib/progressive Dims or Rethugs before him. It’s not a credit to him, but a fact. Civilian casualties under OB and all the slaughters before going back to Jimmy “Human Rights” Carter are quite clear. None of which means Trump isn’t a vile fascist - it just means the Dim wing of the capitalist Duopoly is as bad or worse.

Even the (in)famous Sanders non-binding resolution against Saudi Arabia - long after the fact of OB’s arms sales to SA - exempts Israel altogether - and any U.S. forces involved in “anti-terrorism” activity.

Once again I call BS against the Dim hypocrites. Let the Tweets and shit fall “where Jesus flung it.”




Forced to both applaud Trump and ask the supposed liberals around here who favored regime change in Syria:

Are you upset that US troops are leaving?
Are you upset we didn’t confront Russia more forcefully?
Was it worth a wider conflict to remove Assad and replace him with ISIS and Al Qaeda?

Oh, and one last thing. I think Hillary would have gotten us into a larger conflict in Syria. She wanted a no-fly zone. She was adamant about removing Assad. She was eager to battle Israel’s chief boogieman, Iran. She wanted to face Putin down. She deposed Libya and turned the country into a hellhole. Someone tell me how I’m wrong.


I watched a short clip on this from CNN.

The announcer said (words not exact) With ISIS on the Rise again President Trump has decided he is pulling US troops from Syria, This is a great Victory for Russia and Turkey. This is where I stopped the Clip.

I am sure Rachel Maddow on a tear here as well.

This shows exactly how the Media promotes the Permanent war machine


True, but Martin you are looking at it from our perspective; not their perspective! To the war profiteers and their acolytes, it is not a waste of trillions of dollars as they love their egregious, illegal,war, profits and from their perspective they are much better off for it!


Hi SuspiraDeProfundis: sigh, all these war loving big media reporters----and yet, they can go and report from Syria if they wanted----oh but, someone might shoot them----so I guess not.

Maybe CNN should read General Smedley Butler’s piece --" War is a Racket." I think war has also become a racket for a lot of news organizations too—. So, news people, bringing the war to Russia’s borders is o.k. …hmmm—but we have immigrants coming to escape wars at our borders—and for many that’s not o.k. It’s hard to know what America believes in.


OK with me, but don’t claim “Victory”. That just encourages the next war.


He’s not doing what we want.
Play another Kennedy documentary.


Bull shite there have been progressives actively fighting to bring troops home. You sir are the general in generalization


Specify which “progressives” in the (s)electoral arena who have actually been working to bring troops home (and not replace then w/ mercenaries and puppet military).


I’m not so sure as Benjamin that we should help rebuild Syria. The most we should do is maybe provide financial assistance to the UN to do this. The only thing we tend to accomplish is blowing stuff up and making things worse for all victims involved.


You’re not.


Maybe Trump will advocate Medicaid for All before he is run out of DC., Then it all might be worth it… but then it’s already worth it not having the Clinton’s in there.


I expect there will be a false flag event, soon.


Except it’s not clear that Trump isn’t simply clearing the way for a Turkish attack on the Kurds–or whatever. So let’s get serious. Things are never what they seem to be on the surface and anyone in government these days is certainly corrupt. Just saying. While we may want ethical and moral leadership, the current system always produces the opposite. It seems to be a law of nature under neoliberalism.


I respect the sentiment and critique of the neoliberals. But I smell a rat with this move by Trump. There is no secret dove hiding within that man. And his masters want death and destruction too.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…we won’t be fooled again.” – GWB


Not a thing you are asserting is correct. It is totally tin-foil-hat. The US was not ever attempting to defeat Assad at all, much less replace him with ISIS. The US was there to fight ISIS, and that mission was accomplished. The departure of the US is a good thing - but I hope they leave some big cache’s of weapons with our Kurdish libertarian socialist comrades who, in spite of their ideology, earned the US soldier’s respect for their fierce fighting abilities against the ISIL terrorists. They will now need to fight a war against Erdogan’s forces to the north and Assad to the south. No doubt the US so-called “anti-war left” (who are actually crypto-fascists) will cheer Erdogan and Assad on as they massacre the Kurdish people.


Just like the Clintons–nothing coming from Trump will be honest or fair.


What a joker you are. Our proxies funded ISIS and we provided support.
Most likely this whole thing is a set up to reignite the war. That should make you happy. More dead civilians and tons of refugees! Tell me again, what is a fascist?


I havn’t been to iraqbodycount in a while - they have some interesting plots. What do you think of these reports?

(I think the source of the statistics is the same - and I don’t know anything about thefreethoughtproject).

It’s going to take a lot more withdrawals from Trump (he promised a lot when he was campaigning - heck, I was looking forward to getting out of NATO too) before I will think maybe the world is better off with Trump than with Clinton. And I’m even less likely to ever believe that we are better off given his disastrous environmental policy. I’m looking forward to this nightmare to be over. I’m sorry that much of the world has had a nightmare for much longer.

And as far as Jimmy Carter goes, I know there is a lot of hype (e.g. https://history.state.gov/departmenthistory/short-history/carter , https://foreignpolicy.com/2018/07/16/thank-you-jimmy-carter-obama-soviet-union-foreign-policy/), but I think he was better than Clinton or Obama. Sure I’ll take better, but relative to the others, is he really in the same league?