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Anti-Women, Anti-Immigrant, Anti-LGBTQ Crusader: Trump Finds 'Perfect Match' in Pence for VP


Anti-Women, Anti-Immigrant, Anti-LGBTQ Crusader: Trump Finds 'Perfect Match' in Pence for VP

Nika Knight, staff writer

Presumptive Republican nominee for president Donald Trump announced Friday that he has chosen Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate.

Gov. Pence is famously—or infamously—right-wing, and a particular darling of far-right Evangelical voters.


Not a whole brain between the two of them but there is a ton of BS and bigotry that they bring with them. The demon and his demon familiar out to create Haedes on Earth.


Every cloud has a silver lining.
This means Mike Pence cannot be governor of Indiana.
Their gain is our loss...


Excuse me while I barf after reading the headline and looking at the picture.


Okay, mark my words.
This is what I predict will happen.
Remember, you read it here first.

One day after Donald Trump is sworn into office, he will resign and Mike Pence will become President.
As long as Trump gets elected and serves one day, Trump's place in history will be secured and Trump's massive ego will be satisfied without having to do all of the hard work of him actually being President. Then he can go back to building golf courses and hosting TV shows.

And since Pence's first term is not a full term, we will have Pence for essentially three full terms (actually three full terms less one day).

But of course the Earth may not last that long...


With The Hillary-Trump-Pence ticket we are quickly moving to the Far Right on steroids.
These 3-- Fascism and the Homeland.......sound familiar.


Oh bullshit. Trump is all about stoking hatred of "the other", in this case, Mexicans and Muslims. Yes he couches it in the terms of "illegal" and "anti-terrorism" but he knows damn well he is stoking a broad hatred of Mexicans and Muslims, and he enjoys the power of it all.

Are you a Donald Fucking Trump fan?


Whatever, bro. Still not voting for Hillary.


Friends don't let friends vote RepubliCon........

These days that can easily be shifted to Dem corporate-war-police-state party.


This is a tangent, but related to the incidence of fetal anomalies and the restrictions on abortion based on fetal anomaly and the health of farmers that use Roundup in big ag states. Michael R. Taylor, the ultimate Monsanto insider, was appointed by Obama to the FDA - he did not step down until March 2016.
Taylor ( Wiki link) is featured in the documentaries
The Future of Food The World According to Monsanto[22] as an example of revolving door since he spent the last few decades moving between Monsanto, the FDA and the USDA.

His activity is also noted in the June 2016 Telesur 2 part series "Monsanto, America's Monster".

I mention this because of the passage by the House today of the DARK Act.


The 22nd Amendment specifies:

"No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once."

Trump would have to serve at least two years to allow Pence to serve two more terms, plus the remainder of Trump's term ...


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


There is no story here. It doesn't matter. I can't imagine anything or anyone who could make his candidacy presidential.


Here is a suggestion. Mr. Pence seems to reject the science about almost everything including the link between cigarettes and lung cancer, heart attacks and other damage. Maybe it would be a good idea to fund a daily delivery of several packs of cigarettes to the good man and even if he and Drumpf win the election, he'll be out of it before the year is over.


Do you really think either of them can make that distinction? The Migra can't. They stop anyone with a darker skin and deport anyone who doesn't carry either his birth certificate or his passport with him. And they even deport some people who do carry their proof of citizenship.


Well, to the forum's Trump supporters (open or covert) perhaps this will educate you on all the B.S. about Trump being against foreign invasions, Trump not being a threat to Social Security, downplaying Trump's misogyny (as church elites get to decide what women can and cannot do with their own bodies), and putting this putz who favors "Free Trade" in as #2. Too many hold Trump at his word that he'll negotiate all these great trade deals. If so, why would he put this chimp who chumps for the likes of the Koch Brothers in as his running mate?

This is disgusting beyond disgusting... and having not yet read the comments, I should brace myself for the usual Hillary bashing in order to get the spotlight off these two grotesque white males who exhibit all the prejudices that lead me to point out just how spiritually retarded, morally dangerous, and Mars Rules damning duos of this nature are.


Pence looks exactly like Nazi Col. Hessler, in the film "Battle of the Bulge" played by Robert Shaw:


battle of the bulge robert shaw

For some damn reason from this damn iPad I can't directly show you the image, but you can find it, and the comparison is unnerving!


this one maybe? lol...


And you two try to pass your selves off as Progressives?

Hatred of Hillary aside, you are incredibly cavalier about:

  1. Pence's all-out nod to any war of aggression

  2. Pence's and Trump's out of the closet racism

  3. Pence's old school Christian excuse for keeping women barefoot, pregnant and devoid of personal sovereignty

  4. Both clowns' blindness towards global warming/climate chaos

  5. Trump's ridiculous narratives that leave out cause and only focus on effect. The primary examples include how he demonizes Muslims without mentioning the wars that caused calamity in their lands. And the parallel way he demonizes Mexican workers without the slightest mention of NAFTA and what it did to the agrarian way of life South of the Border.

So the racism is no big deal to you.

The saber rattling and demonizing of Muslims is no big deal to you.

The evisceration of women's rights is nothing to you.

The FACT that Pence is a disgusting advocate for wars of aggression and proven water-carrier for the MIC is of no consequence to you.

The FACT that Pence is an advocate of the sorts of Trade deals that mirror the TIPP and TPP... just fine and dandy.

And that both dingdongs would LAUGH as the world burns...

From this evidence all you can do is play football as if THE RED team is still better than the BLUE Team?

And for Cookies, the easy turn from all the cheer-leading (here daily) for Sanders to Trump is breathtaking. Makes me want to vomit.