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Antibiotics Expert Warns It's 'Almost Too Late' to Stop Global Superbug


Antibiotics Expert Warns It's 'Almost Too Late' to Stop Global Superbug

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Following the discovery in the UK of bacteria that resist the most common antibiotic of last resort, a leading British expert is warning it is "almost too late" to stop a global superbug crisis.

"The routine preventative use in farming of colistin, and all antibiotics important in human medicine, needs to be banned immediately."
—Cóilín Nunan, Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics


We’re slowly and painfully designing hospitals and other mass gathering institutions to be more infection-resistant. This process costs money, and as we know, most loose money is for the friends of the government. However, we could lower infections if we tried.


Maybe the planet is using these new superbugs as an antibiotic against humans…


So not only is factory farming one of the largest causes of global warming, the elimination of much of our rain forests, pollution of the oceans, heart attacks and cancers due to cheap, abundant meat… now we find out it’s rendering some of our best medicine worthless. By far the most odious industry we have.


Have you watched the CDC’s efforts to eradicate a super resistant strain
from their facility. Literally taking out walls and rooms.


Meanwhile, in the United States, superbugs kill at least 23,000 Americans every year

Super bugs…I’m sure the solution can be found in a new gun with larger magazines

And of course, the terrorists are still coming. Gotta stop them “over there”

Good thing we are spending all our money on the important things.


“The routine preventative use in farming of colistin, and all antibiotics important in human medicine, needs to be banned immediately,” Nunan declared.<<

Yeah. Sure. That will happen.


Oh, there’s a lot of competition for that honor. How about the nuclear weapons industry? Or the prison industries?


Big profits first; everything else step to the rear.
Health, schmealth.


After that of the nefarious manufacture of weapons… some meant to resemble toys that blow up leaving kids limbless, or bullets that expand once they ENTER a warm body, or weapons that do genetic damage that continues on into perpetuity.

Animal food products come SECOND. Or maybe third after what Monsanto and friends are doing to STERILIZE the plant world!

Fear is known for paralyzing action.

These days, all of the following are being pushed for their FEAR FACTOR:

  1. Terrorist threat
  2. Fear of loss of job, Social Security, one’s home
  3. Fear of antibiotic resistance
  4. Fear of Wild Weather Events (which are ALL too real and escalating)
  5. Fear of Russia responding to so much provocation from NATO allies (and U.S.)
  6. Fear of Cancer
  7. Fear that an oil spill, fracking operation, or some other totally toxic form of pollution will impact one’s own community
  8. Fear that public schools will be closed
  9. Fear that the U.S. dollar corrupted by the bankster-bailout that led to banks getting even “too bigger to fail” will feel a reverse implosion when all that newly printed (hot off the presses, decoupled from any solid backing) money heads home
  10. Fear of police brutality (particularly if one is Black, Hispanic, Muslim)
  11. Fear of rape/domestic abuse (very real for many women)
  12. Fear of what the Homeland Security surveillance operations may be discovering about one’s personal life, would-be private thoughts, social activities, etc.
  13. Fear of growing fascism in our midst, and/or the Presidency going to a chump like Trump



As I’ve often said, “Mother Nature is coming and boy is She pissed!”


Look at most of the negatives occurring in our world and you can see that the driving force is unfettered Capitalism which is inherently greedy. We need change and quickly but the question is, are those who embrace the greed willing to give up some of their plate of goodies and enlightened enough to change?


From the article, regarding two approaches to stopping the mass use of antibiotics in industrial meat production:

“The routine preventative use in farming of colistin, and all antibiotics important in human medicine, needs to be banned immediately,” Nunan declared. But Brown said it would take more than legislation to turn the tide. “When the public start demanding meat that has not seen antibiotics—because they understand that the meat may contain antibiotic resistant bacteria—only then will real progress be made,” he argued. “We need education about the threat.”

This clash between “legislative remedy” (lobby lawmakers to make the horrific practices illegal) and “consumer choice” (educate consumers to choose food not produced with the horrific practices) exemplifies the larger systemic horror baked into the “Free to Choose!” consumer-capitalist “democracy” that we “enjoy.”

We can either fight entrenched armies of lobbyists, lawyers and funders who carry the trillion-dollar power of the corporate-industrial agro-chemical predators into academia, into the Congress, and into the “campaign funds” of Congresspersons…

Or we can fight the hovering armies of PR flaks, marketing professionals, and social psychologists who carry the trillion-dollar power of the corporate-industrial agro-chemical predators into the communication media, into the public marketplace, and into our consciousness…

Which one is a more effective use of popular resources, in defense of public health and the ecology of the Earth? We need more people to recognize that THE WHOLE GAME IF FIXED.

We need concrete strategies that allow us to STOP PLAYING on the Monopoly board that has been placed in front of us, and relate more honestly with our fellow humans and with the living Earth.

We need to be life-and-death serious about what it will take to feed ourselves and our communities with food that does not embody the consolidation of corporate-industrial, agro-chemical power over everything. Which is also fundamental to our being able to provide real solidarity and resistance on the largest systemic issues: we need to be able to feed ourselves.

Sounds crazy of course! But once everything is truly broken, SOON, it will be far easier in the dis-integrating collapse to recognize the utter illusion of the “realistic” box where “mainstream” corporate culture and consciousness kept us imprisoned.

It is far better to recognize the need NOW to break that box, and get about the dangerous business of living in ways that maintain the integrity of living systems.


And after the “Trans-Pacific Partnership”, TPP, is rammed-down the throat of the world, this “Super-Bug” will be only one of numerous disastrous health-related and environmental consequences (among many others) from the designed and written-by pro-corporate sell-out to profits above all-else “deal” pushed by political corporate whores and co-conspirators!

Bernie Sanders has vowed to stop these corporate give-away deals, including the TPP. IF the people work hard enough and support his candidacy enough, and speak-out loudly enough, even in the face of a Democratic Party now led by sell-outs and shills for corporate power - corporate whores - corrupted by big-money, we might be able to start a tsunami of demand for real change that the 1% and their bought-and-paid-for politicians, in and out of Congress and the WH, will find a little more difficult to thwart…maybe!



Could be the “messiah” is not what people expected.


Will he really try to stop it or will it end up the “same same” as we have seen for much of Obama’s time in office like the condition of our so called “health care system” which is merrily another insurance scam? Can you say “disillusioned” and “lost of trust”? I surely can and at the same time ride that old treadmill of hope. A truly sorry state we’re in and it starts with each one of us to make change for the better.


Well, come Hell or high water we are doomed, high water should be here by 2050 and the superbug by 2047 it’s going to be close but I’d put the Smart money on water there is always War which will take some of use out early1


As with Global Warming, 45-50 years ago would have been a great time to start responding intelligently to the warnings raised by experts. Few people alive today recall life before antibiotics. Though penicillin was discovered in 1928 it wasn’t until the early 40s that its efficacy in fighting infection was widely recognized and production was ramped up. My parents, both long deceased, were each born roughly 100 years ago; both had become medical professionals by the early 40s. I remember Dad complainng in the late 50s about the irresponsible use of antibiotics, how precious these life saving medicines were, how easily they could become ineffective, and how people were rapidly forgetting the horrors of even minor infections before the advent of antibiotics.

Limits To Growth (1972) identified pollution as the major driving force behind the mass dieoff they predicted in the first half of the 21st century. The breakdown of human services, including medical care, was identified as the second driving factor.


From global warming to superbugs due to abuse of antibiotics by big-ag for profit, capitalism has become an existential threat to the survival of humanity. Rosa Luxemburg said "socialism or “barbarism”; even she could not imagine “socialism or human extinction”.


No, they’re not. The psychopath power-seekers believe, being superior to us (in their minds), they have the right to rule us and use us up as playthings in their status games. The non-psychopaths who are greedy are pathologically greedy, making their greed unable ever to be satisfied, though they’ll do vile things to get another penny on the dollar.

That’s the psychosocial reality, and we all need to get in touch with it at the gut level. Those individuals will kill us all if we don’t take power away from them, removing them from office and influence. Politically if we can, physically if we must. But remove them.

And we don’t got much time left wherein to do it.