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Antidote to DNC Bias Against Bernie Is Massive Grassroots Turnout


Antidote to DNC Bias Against Bernie Is Massive Grassroots Turnout

Howard Friel

Before supporters of Bernie Sanders vote in the Super Tuesday primaries on March 1, their candidate will already be behind Hillary Clinton in the participating states.


The DNC is so busy celebrating the train wreck of the RNC that it fails to notice that its establishment-at-all-cost game plan may just disenfranchise enough voters to lose the general election.


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Ultimatum from Bernie Delegates to the Democratic Naional Convention, if Bernie loses while having a majority of the elected delegate votes, we shall walk out. Superdelegates are not recognized.

Richard Nixon's people concocted the idea of the "scripted" convention, wherein from opening gavel to closing gavel nothing was left to chance. That is pretty much the standard form now for both parties. Nix to that, go ahead, Superdelegates, make Bernie's day! I wonder if the Democratic establishment want to risk tossing the election to Trump by daring the Bernie delegates to walk out?

This could herald the unheard of, the makings of a true third party. One way or the other, it seems to me, the Democratic Party is never going to be the same, it's over DLC, Third Way, Blue Dogs, and other such critters.


So far the Democratic turnout has been disappointing. Meanwhile, the Republican turnout has been setting records. This has got to be worrying for both Sanders and Clinton when they think about the general election.


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Hear, hear! Let's GOTV for Bernie!


Between the farcical "super delegate" scenario, the electoral college, and The Supreme Court determining a critical Presidential outcome (2000) with the odious electronic touch screens STILL in use... it certainly puts the "blame voters" meme in jeopardy. But that won't stop the chorus from using it.

Also, to the Leftist-purists who have worked so diligently to discredit Mr. Sanders at every turn, how can they account for the built-in strategic protocols that make it virtually impossible for anyone other than The Chosen One to be anointed?

And to people like "Ando" who asks why Bernie can't break away and run as an independent, I think there are a lot of tactical problems with that approach.

Would he be permitted on ALL state ballots as an independent?

And won't the same super-delegates still dominate things like state vote counts?

If Trump or Hillary win, it's "game over" for this country and much of the global economy and its true basis: the globe's ecology.

However, if those who saw in Bernie a CHANCE for a restoration or Democracy witness this latest HEIST... there may indeed by major rebellion.

What if everyone just came to a STOP. No buses moving, no freight trains traveling, no Walmart employees ringing up groceries.

A CESSATION in the form of a collective public issuing its own "cease and desist order."

A new Boston Tea Party... enacted until there IS representation for taxation, among other things.

These power hungry sociopaths have pushed the envelope TOO far.


I hope he does go Independent. We already know what the DNC is doing and we've seen the poll numbers, Hillary can't beat Trump, so if Bernie has the votes and they rip him off with Super delegates he should go ahead and run Independent.
With everything I know about Hillary I just can't vote for her. I won't vote for Trump, I'll write in Bernie.


What do you call a country where the Presidency of it changes hands back-and-forth between a handful of families? (Hint: It's also the name of a clothing store chain.)


What are super delegates? For the most part, they are corrupt, Democratic party big wigs that have sold out Bernie no matter how successful he is in the primaries. In fact, they are so corrupt that they would sell out Bernie even if it would mean Trump becoming POTUS!


" But it is difficult to find out what the other 400-plus DNC super delegates actually do, either inside or outside the DNC."

WOW! That statement speaks volumes!

Why is it difficult? Unless these 400 + super delegates are so corrupt that they have a lot to hide. This just goes to show what Bernie is up against. Like I have stated before: Bernie is a good person running in a corrupt party that has already selected their Goldman Saks quisling!


Not only is there such an "animal" as "single issue voters," there are people whose commentary is limited to a very narrow perceptual frame. (I won't say that's true of you... but it IS true of the above).

When you calculate ALL of the following, ask yourself if you or anyone else really has that "luxury of time" for a slow reformation of the existing voting system and the tight-fisted control of two parties (that both happen to "coincidentally" serve the same corporate oligarchs)?

  1. Fukushima... continuously irradiating the Pacific Ocean with air currents lifting radioactive particles which cover the Northern Hemisphere
  2. Trafficking global weapons' sales with LOTS of angry, disgruntled groups breeding
  3. A global Depression that's in its earliest stages led by a significant drop in commodities prices (including oil). The blowback from this loss of net income is placing major strain on the governments of plenty of nations including Venezuela and Russia.
  4. Global warming and inevitable interruptions of harvests = food shortages
  5. Likely military-style weaponized biological vectors like mosquitoes (see Brazil)
  6. Stealth passage of the TIPP and TPP which will allow companies like Monsanto to poison most of us without any redress
  7. Continued moves towards centralized control of all aspects of citizens' lives under the aegis of corporate rule. The wishes of these fascist overlords fast becoming the commands of major armed forces (and/or armies for hire).

There IS no time.


Turnout was down for both Republicans and Democrats, falling 4.2 percentage points for the Democrats from 33.0 percent of eligible citizens in 2008 to 28.8 this year; and 1.2 percentage points for the GOP from 28.4 in 2008 to 27.2 this year.

Getting out the vote of registered D's is the only issue - all else is a waste of time & resources.

bernie is not getting out the vote - Bernie is not for real.


This election is 'corrupt' by any standard and Hillary Clinton is unqualified and lacks the experience and moral integrity to 'lead' the nation. My feeling is that after the low turnout in Nevada, the young voters are massing with fire in their bellies. FEEL THE BERN 2016 The corrupt, illegitimate corporate oligarchy that currently rules is being dissected in the political campaigns both by Bernie and Trump, and clearly articulated to the masses. These evils in our midst prefer to live in the shadows. So W is a liar who led us into harms way by neglect and then falsified evidence that took the lives of thousands of young soldiers, (thanks Trump) Hillary sold 'speech's to Goldman Sachs for $650,000 while fully intending to run for the presidency. (Thanks Bernie) This cat is out of the bag and whoever wins, the vast rank and file know that their country is corrupt and rigged. Bernie Sanders 2016


I keep hoping that the repugs will find a way to beat Mr. Drumpf after more people drop out. Then he will mount an independent run. If we can then convince Bernie to do an Independent run, then it would be like 4 parties running and Bernie wins!, Nice thought huh?