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Antifa Is Not a 'Terrorist Organization,' But That Doesn’t Make it Good

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/21/antifa-not-terrorist-organization-doesnt-make-it-good


When Hitler rose to power there was no shortage “rational voices” that promoted peaceful protests, rational discource and passive resistance, we should all know how that worked out.
The nazis were not stopped by peaceful means the last time around, and there is no reason to believe this time will be any different. Honestly, this is not a lesson we should need to learn twice.
Whether Antifa is good or not matters alot less than the fact that they are nessessary.


An extremely thoughtful piece, in its analysis of a specific event in Bloomington.

But the author makes logical errors in his conclusions about antifascists. As he admits, ‘Antifa’ is not a monolith or even an organization. So his conclusion that Antifa is not “an appropriate or representative form of democratic response” to the threats of white supremacy and a president who inspires and encourages them is overbroad.

The author makes a compelling argument that the antifascist tactics in this particular instance led to an unneeded escalation. In other instances, where marginalized communities, individuals of color, and demonstrators are the targets of physical threats and violence, antifascist tactics are entirely appropriate and necessary.


The U.S. is currently on a fast track to ecofascism, with an increasingly organized and violent racist right that has sympathy amongst the police and other law enforcement agencies. The ruling class in this country - like ruling classes everywhere - is committed to constitutionalism and electoral politics only insofar as it controls the outcomes. We would be foolish to condemn the only groups in the country that are actively organized to resist fascism.

That is a lesson that we should have learned 75 years ago.


And, this gentleman narrows the scope by not even mentioning that Antifa has supporters who are non-binary, etc. as well. So, it’s not a white issue primarily but a women’s issue, a LBGTQ issue etc, …and most frightening from a historical perspective… where do these people aligned with Trump, Bannon, Miller, McConnell, Graham, Cruz, et al, stop?
Will their undefined " great healthcare plans " include exterminating the children and elderly with " special needs "? Or, exterminating excessive female babies, etc?
Antifa has been linked to zero murders. Can the Trumpster followers ( groups ), named above, make the same claim?
Really, whatever this guy has been smoking, shouldn’t be shared around the halls of other Big Ten ( now larger ) Universities.


“I don’t fight fascists because I expect to win; I fight them because they’re fascists.”
–Chris Hedges


Mr. Isaac can’t seem to understand the larger context implied within the catchall word, " blowback ".
Sad on him.


Absolutely. I’ll give Prof Isaac long article a thorough read later, but I I’ve read the usual bourgeois liberal arguments - that the fascists can be defeated through intellectual discourse with them and respecting their “freedom of speech”. NO! Such an approach is a recipe for disaster. Recall that it was the “why can’t we all just get along in a happy democratic coalition” Hindinberg liberals in Weimar Germany that gave Hitler the reigns of power.

We must never make this mistake again. Don’t waste your energy arguing with the fascists - deplatform them! Let then exercise their freedom of speech on their little corners of the Dark Web - but NOT in public!


Yeah - Chris Hedges v1.0 of the 1990s was pretty good. But after Sept 11, 2001, he turned into an Islamophobic fascist.

If we want fascism to stop, what will it take? What is required from us? Is it true that Trump & Pence are leading a fascist regime or that they represent a leap in the fascist movement? To understand how to stop fascism, we have to grapple with what fascism is and how it is operating here. I really urge people to go to refusefascism.org and engage with the resources there. Let’s debate and figure how to stop this trajectory.


The fascists have been making a show of gun toting for some time.
Now they have to think about someone shooting back.
Yeah, in gun lovin’ America, I’m totally cool with that.


Make fascists afraid again.


Remember 15 years ago when vegans and the American Friends Service Committee were labelled “terrorists”?

I don’t remember them being inciteful, intimidating or confrontational.


Jeffrey writes that he does not propose a dialog between the right-white-armed-guys and the masked-left-antifa.
Well, I do !!
In Portland, Oregon and Bloomington, Indiana

they sit side by side and each a list of ten things they all agree on. 3 minute discussion permitted for each. Then, standing for hot dogs, hamburgers, root beer. Remain standing and get one pint of water each. Nobody leaves. Discuss and resolve all differences.
Polka music, fast dancing.
good food, friends

That is how to resolve. And there are guys wearing pistols on their belt where anyone can see them and there are guys have it concealed by their jacket. And in Chicago, one gun shop has sold over 23,000 small palm size pistols to nurses and downtown women workers who walk into a parking garage to drive home.

Please feel free to visit Bloomington where the Indiana University campus is beautiful.

Martin Luther King needed Malcolm X and Angela Davis as the sticks to his carrot. Ghandi would have been impotent without Bhagat Singh. Peaceful protests are needed to build a large, popular movement but a fist is required to first get peoples’ attention.


Fearless Fosdick style??
An innocent playing on their porch three blocks away gets hit by a stray (poorly aimed, went off accidental by pistol dropping, or…) bullet.

I vouch for boxing gloves or a meeting for honest discussion, even though Isaac, the author, thinks not.

Not only are anti-fascists not a terrorist organization, but they only seem to arise in response too fascists.


Another current CD article posted blames Trump for dividing us, but this article is another example we can do it ourselves. People being “called out” for wanting to de-escalate a dangerous situation, keep the well-liked farmers market open, and uphold the constitution shows a level of intolerance amongst us that should be considered unacceptable.

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That’s Gandhi, but otherwise agreed.

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Just so. Every time they crawl out from under their rocks, confront them with vast numbers. Make them scuttle away. There are 2 kinds of “good Nazis”: ex-Nazis and dead Nazis. Anyone willing to wear a swastika, give the fascist salute or deny what the Nazis did forfeits his right to a place in the sun. The system treats innocent Muslims worse than vile Nazis. Antifa does what the system refuses to do. We need them.


The right of some people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.