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Antifah's Big Bags of Murder Soup: It's Incredible!

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/09/02/antifahs-big-bags-murder-soup-its-incredible

A stupid BaIIad for a stupid SOUP NAZI

Sales of Top Rahman will surge,
Stryrofoam won’t break your head
Donald, when you have the urge,
FaII down----pretend that you’re dead.
FetaI position–good choice!
FuneraI right there in the street.
PeopIe are using their voice!
Americans Voice can’t be beat!

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My Antifah used to read me stories when I was a little boy.


Ah, the United States, where both of our Presidential candidates are one step away from a diaper and uncontrol able drooling.


I don’t know. It seems to me they are already there.


I would have to say the USA has reached its Soup To Nuts moment now.

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I dig the humor, very clever.

The part that isn’t funny: That’s our president, self-promoter extraordinaire.
Less funny: He 's running against a party and ticket that voters don’t particularly like.
Least funny of all: He’s poised to repeat his 2016 win because of the above.

Here’s a question: Do you think BLM protesters – potential Biden voters – haven’t noticed that he was responsible for the mass incarceration of black people, and that he picked an equally tough-on-crime “top cop” as his running mate?

An actual quote: “…Lock the SOBs up.”
Funny, the quote is from Joe Biden, not Trump.



Because nothing is more vicious than vichyssoise.


This is rich, coming from a president whose Gazpacho units round up protesters in unmarked vans and carry them off to stew in prison. Of course, such tactics appeal to Trump’s bouillabaisse, who themselves have been shown to approve of ramen automobiles into demonstrators, so what does one expect?

This Trump fella is pure comedy gold. The borscht belt ought to be eating this up.


Now I know what to do with those expired cans of soups and beans that are in my earthquake/emergency stash, besides throwing them into compote.

It seems both videos had a Soup Nazi in it.
I’m sorry, but it seems to me that by now, even the most casual observer must believe that the 25th Amendment needs to be invoked. I’m guessing that tertiary syphilis has set in, thus making Trumpsky too dangerous to govern.

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You, my friend, are a master of the pun. I bow to you.

it looks as though we may end up with two Americas: Vichyssoise American and Free America. DeGaulle of some people.

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You know who likes soup?
Ted Cruz.
On his honeymoon he bought 100 cans of Campbell’s Soup. @ Costco. On his honeymoon.
His newlywed wife found it beneath them to eat canned food.
, so she returned them.
It started ‘a discussion’ , and the wife asked her mom for some motherly advice for the honeymoon.

“Was I wrong to return the soup behind his back?”
“Of course it was wrong.”
Was the reply, and so Mrs Cruz went out and bought another 100 cans of Campbell’s Soup, on their honeymoon.
While disagreements and discussions are the pepper in the soup of marriage.,(Elizabeth Peters), this marriage has no pepper.