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'Any Conversation With Me Is Classified,' Trump Claims as He Warns Bolton Over New Book

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/15/any-conversation-me-classified-trump-claims-he-warns-bolton-over-new-book

From the article:

’Any Conversation With Me Is Classified,’ Trump Claims’

I wonder if this includes the voices in his head, because those are really bothering me and I’d rather not hear them and definitely think those should be classified.


Its excellent if it pisses off Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan. Chump tRump’s the one going to jail just as soon as his Presidential immunity wears off.


Regarding my avatar: “In a world inhabited by chimps instead of humans, Lancelot Link, along with partner Mata Hairi, is one of the top agents of the Agency to Prevent Evil (APE), a secret organisation led by Commander Darwin that protects the world from wrongdoers.”


If only there was a party possessing the integrity to challenge Trump on all the ways he’s running a sleazy, self-serving, overreaching operation, but all we have is democrats who have done essentially the same, but with less obvious crudeness.


I am old so I don’t have that much hope for it happening within the duration of my life, but AOC and a lot of young(er) actual progressives in the Dumbocrap Party give me glimmers of hope for the future.


The party has already rolled them. They shut up and toe the line when push come to shove. The Dems have always permitted just enough populism to keep their con going, but we must look at the actual results achieved, or they will continue to fool enough of us to hold us all back.


A nice new orange jumpsuit will match his fake tan but can’t say it will improve his looks.


Bolton was and is a war criminal. Trump is a civil criminal, it simply has yet to be recognized by the justice system, which has brought him along its twisted rout. These fecal farkles are not cut from the same cloth, they are simply extruded by the same anal pumpers of different crime ‘families’. They play off each other like drunks doing belly-bump threats. Only problem being that they share equally fatal degrees of severance from reality.

Beauty in life appears to be replaced by shiny surfaces that surgically enhanced, made up, pumped by PR. The sheer fortunes that are spent in alphabet agencies to hide the truth will, in the future, if we survive that long, be regarded much as keystone cops and mad magazine. And yes, there are criminals portrayed in both … apparently the models so readily built on delusions of advantage

I look at nanny implosi and the poor woman has had so many face lifts it frightens me to actually look at her. The entire beltway buffoonery now rings hollow with the power corruption on which it has been built. It is brittle, desiccated, and quite simply the walking dead.


Hi RockyMountainView:

Hmmm, I wonder if ALL his tweets are classified? He does tweet a lot but I’m sure that there are many we don’t know about. I wonder who else he tweets? Oh wait! Did they ever remove the taping system after Nixon? Hmm and oh wait again, isn’t every phone call ever made supposedly in Bluffdale, per the spy people? There must be another Deep Throat guy in the government… where are you? : )

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Bolton was complicit. Any factual evidence revealed by him shows the level of his complicity.

Don’t buy his book. He could have testified to everything a long time ago, and saved the country from much pain and suffering and death.

He was complicit.


I’d encourage the two of them to bring each other before the blind lady with the balancing scale in her hand.

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Ruh roh, those flabby little arms are crossed so tight he might 'splode.

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That pose of Trump looks like every two year old having a hissy fit. I know I have a couple old photos of me in the same pose.
And if EVERY conversation is classified, then the ones he has with Melenia(or other companions of the night) would be as well. He’s not only warning off Bolton, he’s warning his current wife as well.


For him, the worst part will be that you can’t get that orange spray-on tan at the prison commissary. Probably can’t get that heavy duty hair spray for that combover either.

Oh, the horror of it all!


Not to mention his ladies of the evening.


If any conversation with Trumpty Dumbty is classified, then all election rallies he holds should also be classifies, with only people with security clearances allowed to attend. The should also be similar limits on TV coverage of anything he says.


Or his niece:



It’s, if you’l excuse the phrasing, CorpDems short term image building to bait and switch.

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He doesn’t need any of his conversations classified. Any conversation from him is already multi-level encrypted, hence the unintelligible gibberish.