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Any Corporate Bailouts Should Wipe Out Shareholders First

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/19/any-corporate-bailouts-should-wipe-out-shareholders-first


Nancy Pelosi is in a position to dictate terms and tell these companies, as well as Trump and the Republican Senate, to take it or leave it.

This is absurd. You know, the Republicans can play chicken too as the car speeds toward the cliff edge.


Down in the USA if a person wants access to something like medicaid , the Government backs up their trucks and loads it with that persons life savings making them destitute before state funding kicks in. I really do not see why shareholders should keep their own personal wealth if they demand the firms they invested in be helped by the Government.

Actually, I do know why. The reason why is this is how Capitalism works. The poor pay for everything and the rich get handouts.

Were there any justice , not only would those shareholders personal wealth to be stripped away to help pay for the bailout , but they should be forced to pee in cups too and go to jail if they fail a drug test.


Dean Baker is a sane and honest, down-to-earth economist who cuts a clear path through
the neo-liberal mumbo-jumbo thicket of obfuscation.

They will blink first, however, in the face of severe recession and crashing stock values, for which they will be held accountable in November.

SDP, I like the way you think.

The car speeding toward the edge of the cliff is precisely why Nancy could dictate terms.

Not that she will. As this is unfolding, she’s leading from behind.

Baker states the problem simply, but not completely. We should present a case where crimes committed will face prosecution. The Great Recession scheme was orchestrated in 2001 and timed to occur after the 2008 election. The landlord class made out like bandits. So too with President Shithead the landlord class got the property deals they wanted - high rise luxury hotels, condos and sardine can apartment blocks to raise rents at will, launder ill gotten gains, and entertain their world traveling friends while the world burns, one Australia at a time. They believe what we really need is a good war to convince xenophobes and racists that the world belongs to the wealthy who purchased it fair and square. How in the hell did our oil get under some non-white, non-jesus freak hypocrit country’s land? they cajole each other at dinner parties with their knocked-up gold-digger trophy wives who’d best shut up if they want to keep living lives of luxury.

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Nancy Pelosi is in a position to dictate terms and tell these companies, as well as Trump and the Republican Senate, to take it or leave it.

That reason she is in that position is because she WON’T dictate those terms.

What the hell is he talking about??!!

Unfortunately, Ms Pelosi is a greedy bag of excrement who only reacts to more and more cash from anyone who wants action. She works closely with the “R” to see that this happens. Anything else is "off the table."
**One thing that might work would be to go in with fire hoses and wash the accumulation of shit off the desks of the Congress and Senate and see that it all goes down the drain.
**Step two is to seek out decent, honest, clean people to fill those desks and do what the Constitution says.
**Step three is for We the People to protect and support those people so they can do their job.